Marta Arce Payno

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This name uses Spanish naming customs; the first or paternal family name is Arce  and the second or maternal family name is Payno.
Marta Arce Payno
Personal information
Nationality Spanish
Born (1977-06-27) June 27, 1977 (age 37)
Country  Spain
Sport Judo

Marta Arce Payno is a B3 classified Spanish judo competitor who has represented Spain at the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Summer Paralympics where she has won a pair of silver medals and a bronze medal.


Arce was born on 27 June 1977 in Valladolid with a form of albinism that led to progressive loss of vision to the point where she lost all her sight.[1] She speaks four languages, Spanish, English, Italian and Japanese.[1] She is a mother, giving birth in 2009.[1] Her day job is being a physical therapist working for the Autonomous University of Madrid.[1] In November 2013, she participated in a program run by the Programa ADOP Empleo to train Paralympic athletes in developing business communication and entrepreneurship skills.[2]


Arce is a B3 classified judo competitor.[3] She started participating in judo after moving to Madrid to attend university. Her entrance to the sport was through her brother who was active in it at that time.[1] From that point on, she did almost daily training in the sport.[1]

The first IPC European Judo Championships Arce competed in were the ones hosted in Castelló where she picked up a gold medal.[1][4] She competed at the European Championships held in 1999 in Italy.[4] In 2001, she competed at a World Cup event in Rio de Janeiro.[4] Competing at the 2004 Summer Paralympics, she won a silver medal.[1] The 2004 Games were the first time women's judo appeared on the Paralympic programme.[4] At the 2008 Summer Paralympics in Beijing, she repeated her performance and won another silver medal.[1] In October 2011, she competed in a regional Spanish national vision impaired judo event in Guadalajara.[5] She competed at the London hosted 2012 Summer Paralympics in judo,[1][6][7] where she won a bronze medal.[8][9][10] In her path to bronze, she competed against Swedish Nicolina Perheim and Cuban Dalidaivis Rodríguez Clark.[11][12] Her bronze was the second bronze medal won by Spain in judo at the London Games, coming minutes after teammate Maria Monica Merenciano won bronze.[3][4]


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