Marthammor Duin

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Marthammor Duin (Mar-tham-more doo-ihn), is the dwarven deity of Travel and Protection in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.

Marthammor Duin
Game background
Title(s) Finder-of-Trails, Watcher over Wanderers, the Watchful Eye
Home plane Dwarfhome
Power level Lesser
Alignment Neutral Good
Portfolio Guides, explorers, expatriates, travelers, lightning
Domains Good, Protection, Travel, Dwarf
Superior Moradin
Design details

He is also known as the Finder of Trails, the Watcher over Wanderers, the Watchful Eye, and the Wanderer. He is the patron of dwarves who have left the clanholds to explore the world.

Publication history[edit]

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition (1989-1999)[edit]

Marthammor Duin first appears in the 2nd edition book Dwarves Deep (1990) by Ed Greenwood, as one of the deities of the Forgotten Realms version of the dwarven pantheon.[1] Marthammor Duin is further detailed in Demihuman Deities (1998).[2]

Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition (2000-2007)[edit]

Marthammor Duin appears in 3rd edition in Faiths and Pantheons (2002).[3]

Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition (2008-)[edit]

Marthammor Duin appears in 4th edition in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide (2008). In this edition, he is an exarch of Moradin.[4]


Marthammor is a relatively new god in the dwarven pantheon, representative of the slow end to traditional dwarven isolation.

He urges his followers to travel the world and learn of the peoples and places that have long been shunned by dwarf society.

His holy symbol is an upright mace in front of a fur-trimmed leather boot.


Marthammor's clergy are known as the volamtar ("blazers of fresh trails"). They represent one of the most widely recognized dwarven churches of the surface world, particularly in the North. Volamtar mark wilderness trails near dwarven strongholds to make the path of those that might follow from the clanholds easier. They patrol trade routes and game trails between human and dwarven enclaves, healing the injured and clearing these areas of dangerous predators.


Other members of the dwarven pantheon see Marthammor's behaviour as 'antics' and hope his interest in the world above will soon pass. Moradin is grateful that at least his youngest son is more disciplined than Dugmaren. Dugmaren is one of Marthammor's greatest friends.

He hates the gods of orcs, goblins and giants and holds special enmity for the hill giant god Grolantor.