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Martin C. Strong (born 1960 in Musselburgh, just outside of Edinburgh) is a researcher and compiler of music discographies.[1]

His books include The Great Rock Discography (7 editions), The Essential Rock Discography (the condensed "8th edition"), The Great Metal Discography (2 editions), The Great Psychedelic, The Great Alternative & Indie (2 volumes) and Lights, Camera, Soundtracks (with Brendon Griffin); all published by Canongate Books.[2] He has been researching and compiling discographies for over 30 years. His final tomes were two volumes of The Great Folk Discography, published by Birlinn (publisher) in 2010 and 2011; a third part of the trilogy, The Great Folk Discography: The Celtic Connections, looks to have been shelved. For a history of Scottish contemporary music and more, Mercat Press published The Great Scots Musicography, in 2002 - subsequently pulped by Birlinn (publisher).

He currently lives in Falkirk, Scotland, is the father of three daughters (Samantha, Suzanne and Shirley), and has also provided reviews for The List and Record Collector.

Brendon Griffin worked sporadically on The Great Rock Discography series with Strong, but retired from these projects in autumn 2007. [3]


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