Martin Lodewijk

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Martin Lodewijk
Born Martinus Spyridon Johannes Lodewijk
(1939-04-30) April 30, 1939 (age 75)
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Nationality Dutch
Area(s) Artist, Writer
Notable works
Agent 327

Martinus Spyridon Johannes Lodewijk (born 30 April 1939)[1][2] is a Dutch comics writer and cartoonist, and advertising adviser.

Martin Lodewijk was born in Rotterdam. He dropped out of high school in 1957, and started drawing cartoons, notably of spacecraft and pirates. In 1959, his first cartoon was published in the newspaper Het Parool, after which he specialized in drawing for commercial advertising. For the weekly comics magazine Pep, he created the Agent 327 comic in 1966, followed by scripts for other cartoonists, such as Don Lawrence's Storm. After the comic magazines Pep and Sjors merged into Eppo, Lodewijk became its chief editor.

For his whole work in comics, Lodewijk was presented the Stripschapprijs in 1978,[3][4] the highest award in the Dutch comics world. From 2004 onward, Lodewijk succeeded Willy Vandersteen and Karel Biddeloo as writer for De Rode Ridder, with drawings by Claus Scholz.

Lodewijk has worked on the third Open Source movie by the Blender Foundation, Sintel.

World's Smallest comic book[edit]

In 1999, Martin Lodewijk published the world's smallest comic book; "Minimium bug" (26 mm by 37 mm). It belongs to the Agent 327 series.


Personal life[edit]

Medal of the Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau

In 1973, Martin Lodewijk and his brother Tim participated in the knowledge quiz show Twee voor Twaalf. The brothers won, and returned for the special jubilee quiz in 2005, where they reached the finals.

Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau[edit]

At 29 April in 2011 Martin Lodewijk became Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau.[5] He received this royal medal because of his comic work.


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