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Martin Mystery
Martin Mystery title.png
Official title of the show in English
Genre Comedy-Drama, Horror, Sci-fi, Action, Fantasy
Created by Vincent Chalvon Demersary
David Michel
Written by Michelle Lamoureux
Robert Lamoureux
Vincent Chalvon-Demersary
David Michel
Rhonda Smiley
Nicole Demerse
Ben Joesph
Frank Young
Directed by Stephane Berry
Gregory Pancoonie
Starring Samuel Vincent
Kelly Sheridan
Dale Wilson
Teryl Rothery
Adrienne Carter
Country of origin France
Original language(s) French, Italian, English, Japanese.
No. of episodes 66 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Vincent Chalvon-Demersay
Sylvain Viau
Stephane Berry
Michelle Lamoureux(co-prod.)
Robert Lamoureux(co-prod.)
Producer(s) Vincent Chalvon-Demersary
David Michel
Running time approx. 22 minutes
Production company(s) Marathon Animation
Image Entertainment Corporation
Tatsunoko Production (co-animation)
Distributor Marathon International
Canal J
Original channel M6, Canal J (France)
YTV (Canada)
Original run October 1, 2003 – Present

Martin Mystery (French: ''Martin Mystère'') is an Anime-influenced television series by the French animation studio, Marathon Media Group and the Canadian production animation studio Image Entertainment Corporation with Tatusko animation based the Italian comics Martin Mystère. Over the course of the show's 3 year run, the show was created, developed, written and animated in Tokyo, produced in Paris and Quebec and English voice acting Toronto.[1]


The series reimagines the title character Martin Mystery and his stepsister Diana Lombard (after Martin's mother's death, Martin's father married Diana's widowed mother) as 16-year-olds attending Torrington Academy, a high school in Sherbrooke, Quebec. They work for the covert organization "The Center", which secretly protects the people of Earth from extraterrestrial and supernatural threats. Like all secret organizations, they must keep their work secret, thus anyone who comes too close to their missions, i.e. seeing a monster, will have their memories of the event erased. Not everyone who works for the organization is human. The short and green-skinned alien, Billy, is one of Martin's best friends. Java works as a lunch server of Diana and Martin's school and is a caveman from 200,000 years ago; he also aids Martin and Diana on their missions. As far as "The Center" is concerned, Martin's vast knowledge of the supernatural and his remarkable intuition compensate for his poor personal hygiene and huge ego. Diana resents these qualities at times, as Martin often does not seem to understand the seriousness of his missions, but generally loves him like any real sister. In the original comics version, Martin's mission was actually unveil our world's ancient mysteries in a never-ending struggle with its nemesis, the secret organization of the man in black, devoted to keep them buried. Also in the comic Martin and Diana were actually lovers who eventually got married rather than step-siblings.


Main cast of Martin Mystery. From left to right: Java, Martin, and Diana.
Martin Mystery
Martin is a 16-year-old teenager who has a wild passion for monsters and the paranormal, and works as a paranormal investigator for "The Center." Whether at school or on a mission, he always remains the same outrageous immature teen, constantly bursting with energy. He seldom thinks before he leaps into danger, often to help someone in peril. Whenever they are on a mission, Martin always jumps to conclusions coming up with every unlikely theory he can think of, usually from some movie he saw or from his subscription to "Paranormal Monthly." He is an underachiever at school, once getting 106 out of 902 in his report card results. Martin has a peculiar love for everything slimy, sloppy, and gooey - things that make Diana gag. Martin loves to play pranks and creep out his stepsister, who often retaliates with physical abuse. He is also seen in an episode of Totally Spies constantly hitting on Clover, which makes her grossed out (near the end SHE tried to hit on him, but he pushed her away), practically ignoring Alex, but eventually falls for her in the end, and continuously telling Sam that she's a "really lame buzz-kill" just like his sister, which makes her lash out at him as Diana normally does. As the leader of the trio, Martin is also the only one who wears a U-Watch. Martin's favorite hobby is teasing Diana. A running gag in the series is Martin falling in love with every good-looking girl he meets, who usually reject him by using verbal or (in Jenni's case) physical abuse. Voiced by Sam Vincent.
Diana Lombard
Diana is a 16-year-old student with nothing in common with her step-brother. As an agent at "The Center," she strives to bring more seriousness into Martin's life, and is Martin's female counterpart during investigations. She is the complete opposite of her brother and is normally seen as the clean-freak, goody-two-shoes, overachiever, and brainiac of the group. Diana is at times quite jumpy and squeamish on missions and even described by Martin as a "wimp," but shows great courage when called on and is very smart, which proves to be extremely useful in their missions. Not sharing Martin's love of the paranormal, she often tries to explain strange occurrences with logic before jumping to conclusions. Diana has the hardest time keeping her cool with her irresponsible step-brother, and will generally slap, kick, beat or scream at him quite often. Regardless of Martin's quirky behavior, she loves him like her own real brother. She is usually seen with her two signature hair clips and her small purple shoulder bag. She also seems to be the bait on the majority of the missions and the "damsel in distress". Her arguments with Martin tend to normally rise to some sort of bet, which she usually loses to. She is probably the second or first victim in the episodes including being cocooned by an acid spewing insect queen, turned into a frog by a warlock Martin unleashed, and being possessed by a vengeful spirit at a mountain lodge. When Martin is transformed by the monster, Diana uses her own skills to save him. In few episodes, Diana even wears Martin's U-Watch and uses it when he is transformed. Her best friend is Jenni Anderson. Voiced by Kelly Sheridan.
Java the Caveman
Java is the 200,000 year-old caveman, a friend and aide-de-camp to Martin and Diana who works at Torrington as a cook and a janitor. He assists them in their investigations, with his brute strength being useful when battling monstrous foes or breaking through barriers, and also serves as the team's tracker. A lover of lizards and spiders, Java nevertheless has fears of cats, heights, and technology (his fear of technology being a major joke in the show). Also the member in the trio who speaks the least, his English is spoken on a fairly simplistic level (i.e. "What that?", "Diana bald", and "Java no like this place"). Also, Java has a knack of thinking outside the box which greatly helped in the team's adventures. Java is, however, a significant source of comedy in the show through his reactions to various scenarios, and various situations related to his poor hygiene as a caveman (i.e. his offensive foot odor, stinky armpits and filthy breath). Diana once had to give Java foot massage after losing a bet to Martin. Java is sometimes the victim of being transformed into a monster, such as inhaling the Chaos Beast in its gas form, broken into pieces by the Djini (because he wanted to fit in better with the modern world) and brainwashed by a pirate controlled Martin. Voiced by Dale Wilson.
As the multi-tasking director of "The Center", she oversees the investigation of paranormal activities throughout the world. Martin's amazing capabilities make him one of M.O.M.'s favorite agents - if "favorite" is meant by the agent that she least likes to have appear in her office. Her real name is unknown, though she has used the alias Ms. Olivia Mandell in episode "Web Of The Spider Creature," which is derived from her initials of M.O.M. Before working at the center, she used to drive an ice cream truck. Serious, uncompromising and an expert at hand to hand combat, she has to deal with Martin blowing up just about every piece of gadgetry she is working on whenever he appears for a debriefing in her office which was a running gag until season 3. Despite her typically dry sense of humor, she is actually quite- as Billy says- "a real party animal when she gets going"- which is shown in some pictures she accidentally shows them where she acts like the drunk chick at the party. This happened when she tried to debrief them on their next mission when the Center started to experience some malfunctions in the episode "The Amazon Vapor." When she was an agent, her first ever creature captured was Gastromo, a parasitic, iron eating monster who infects and controls those he touches. It appears her favorite holiday is Christmas where she is always in a rather happy and festive mood and, as Martin says in disbelief, it looks like "M.O.M. is actually having fun." In the crossover episode of Totally Spies! titled "Totally Mystery Much?", M.O.M. is shown to have a history with the spies' boss Jerry that appears to have romantic overturns much to the spies and Martin's displeasure as she and Jerry spy-flirt in front of Alex and Martin. The initials M.O.M. are said to stand for "Mystery Organization Manager" as explained by Martin in "Totally Mystery Much?". M.O.M. is voiced by Teryl Rothery.
A tiny green alien who works for "The Center" as M.O.M.'s personal secretary, often seen flying on his mini hovercraft. He is a powerful idolizer of Martin and in one episode, it was revealed that in his room, he even had a picture of Martin, making him the "crazed fan of the show" type character. His role is generally a supportive one; he pops up anytime during a mission to give Martin, Diana and Java valuable information, usually startling them in the process and he does analysis on slime or fabric samples sent by Martin- but when he is at the mission. He won't help Martin and the gang on a mission directly unless forced. In the second season, Billy was revealed to have once been a great alien warrior, known as Ganthar, on another planet, but gave up violence for good- when Martin asked why a planet on Billy's list of hologram worlds was blue, it was said by M.O.M. that that was the world which changed Ganthar into Billy, which is the reason he doesn't go on missions with the other three agents. He arrived on Earth in the Roswell UFO Incident in 1947. Billy recently adopted a human disguise—the "B.S. 1000"— to be with Martin and Diana at their school. A few episodes in season 3 hinted that he liked Diana, such as in one of the Christmas episodes he invited her under the mistletoe and actually went on a friendly date with her. It is revealed in season one episode "Revenge of the Doppelganger" that Billy was once a super model on his home planet. This might be true, since he was a powerful, fearsome and might have been popular with his people. Voiced by Samuel Vincent.
Jenni Anderson
Jenni is Martin's constant—and rather unrequited—love interest. Her view of Martin is generally not very flattering: this includes "immature", "freak", or "loser". Jenni is also one of the prettiest and most popular girls attending Torrington, her appearance being that of blue eyes, flared auburn-colored hair, black blouse and skirt, and knee-high boots. She is also Diana's best friend. Though Jenni usually sees Martin as a "brat", there have been times where she is actually interested pursuing a relationship in him- when Martin acts like a gentleman. Unfortunately for Martin, though, it never lasts, because her mind is erased of what ever happened, or Martin does something stupid, or Jenni moves for a semester, or some other similar incident occurs. Voiced by Tabitha St. Germain
Marvin is Martin's rival, and evidently one who does extreme things (such as "snowboarding down K-2"). He does virtually everything that Martin himself can do (better, of course), and even dresses in a style similar to him. Marvin's similarity-yet-dissimilarity to Martin may be a nod to Bizarro's resemblance to yet difference from nemesis Superman. His father is a pilot, allowing Marvin to travel around the world on a frequent basis. Marvin first appeared in "Attack of the Mothman" where he shows off his skateboarding skills and his very own comic book. His talents and popularity make Martin jealous as Diana, Java, Jenni, and even Billy fawn over him, along with the entire school. He reappears in "The Amazon Vapor" where he discovers Martin and Diana's secret and using his talents and smart thinking, helps them on their mission. The Center takes him in, as Diana fears and Martin wishes that they will erase his memory of the event. However, in "The Third Eye", he works for the Center and has acquired his own U-Watch because M.O.M. recognized his amazing potential to be an agent, much to Martin's dismay and Diana's delight. Unfortunately, because of his negligence in the previous mission, he ends up being deported to the Center's South Pole facility and blames his unfortunate circumstances on Martin (though Martin remarks that it is not really that bad because he has a beautiful team mate, which Martin has a crush on in the episode). He continues to hold a grudge against Martin (and Martin still stands strong at his hatred of Marvin) throughout "Body-Swappers" until Martin gives him the majority of the credit for getting rid of the parasite and M.O.M. decided to relocate him to Hawaii- where they pretty much decide to drop feud. In a subsequent episode, "Rage of the Leprechaun", Marvin contacts Martin and Diana for help after he was being stalked by a leprechaun that wanted to get back the magical four leaf clover that made anyone who held it incredible lucky that Marvin had stolen from him. After the incident, Marvin is "punished" by M.O.M. for keeping the clover instead of getting rid of it, which Martin calls a "rookie mistake" but leaves M.O.M. equally disappointed in him for letting the greed of luck getting the best of him as well. What happens to him after that is unknown, as he does not appear nor is mentioned for the rest of the series, although it doesn't appear his punishment was as bad as before. Voiced by Matt Hill.
Gerard Mystery
Gerard Mystery is Martin's father and Diana's step-father. He married Diana's mother when Martin and Diana were very young. Unlike his immature son, Gerard is a very rational, logic-minded person like Diana and considers anything related to the paranormal to be "balderdash". As a scientist, he spends much of his time in the forest doing field work. In the third season, he finds out about "The Center" and that Diana and Martin work for it. Voiced by Michael Donovan.



Martin Mystery had been aired in Canada on YTV and Discovery Kids in English and on Vrak.TV in French since 2003. In May 2005, Nickelodeon and Nicktoons began to air Martin Mystery as well, Nickelodeon removed Martin Mystery from their line up in August 2005. In September 2005, Nickelodeon's teen channel, The N aired reruns of the show until July 2009. MBC 3 & ART 3 also broadcast this show but in Arabic (with the voice talents of "Mariam El Khesht" as "Diana Lombard" & "Mo'awad Ismail" as "Martin"). Martin Mystery began airing on Disney Channel on 2004 on its weekday afternoon line up. It was temporarily replaced by Sabrina: The Animated Series and was returned on the line up. Its airing schedule was changed from Monday to Friday to Thursday and Friday as The Emperor's New School airs from Monday to Wednesday. It currently airs on Disney Channel Asia every weekend mornings and now also weekday afternoons right after "Totally Spies!".

The show is produced by Marathon Media Group, (a French television production company based in Paris) and Image Entertainment Corporation (a Canadian production and animation company based in Montreal) which also produces Totally Spies! and Team Galaxy. Male characters resembling Martin and his rival Marvin, and Diana have appeared as cameos in Totally Spies! in its episode Super Agent Much?, and many others. Martin's character guest starred in the 2007 Totally Spies! episode Totally Mystery Much? which had him team up with the spies to investigate Yeti sightings. The only other Martin Mystery character to appear in a "Totally Spies!" episode was M.O.M.


In March 2006, It was announced that due to declining ratings, Martin Mystery has been officially cancelled and taken out of syndication. The last episode aired on March 27, 2006.


Due to popular demand on Martin Mystery's Facebook page, in December 2013 Marathon Media and Image Entertainment Corporation hope to make a new season but nothing has been confirmed yet.[2]


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