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Martin F. Nolan is an American journalist.

Boston Globe[edit]

Nolan graduated from Boston College and became a reporter for The Boston Globe in 1961. While with the Globe's Washington bureau, he was on the investigative team cited in the Globe's 1966 Pulitzer Prize for meritorious and disinterested public service. He covered Congress, the White House and every presidential campaign since 1968. Nolan was named Washington bureau chief in 1969. His writing earned him a spot on the master list of Nixon political opponents.

In 1981, he became editor of the Globe's editorial page. In 1991, he resumed reporting and in 1995 moved to San Francisco to cover California and the West. In 2001, he retired from the Globe.


Nolan has since written for the California Journal, The New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. He has been a fellow at Duke University, the Institute of Politics at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, and the Hoover Institute at Stanford University.