Martin Pugh

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Martin Pugh
Born England
Genres Rock, blues, blues rock, rock and roll, psychedelic rock, hard rock
Instruments Guitar
Years active 1968–1976, 2002-03
Labels Bellaphon / CBS, A&M
Associated acts Steamhammer, Armageddon, 7th Order, Faces, Rod Stewart

Martin Pugh is a British guitarist who came to prominence after joining blues-rock band Steamhammer in 1968, staying with that band through 5 years and 4 albums. The debut Steamhammer album, also known as Steamhammer, was released in 1969 and yielded a minor hit record in Europe, "Junior's Wailing".[1] Pugh also played on the first Rod Stewart solo album, An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down (aka The Rod Stewart Album).[2]

Following the dissolution of Steamhammer in 1973, Pugh and Steamhammer bassist Louis Cennamo joined up with former Yardbirds vocalist Keith Relf[3] (who had played with Cennamo in Renaissance and had helped produce the final Steamhammer LP[4]) and drummer Bobby Caldwell to form Armageddon in 1975. According to liner notes of a CD re-release of their only album on the Repertoire Records label in 1999, drug problems[5] interfered with the band's work ethic - although the record had received favorable reviews and significant radio airplay upon its release.[6] Their demise was finalized after the untimely death of Relf in May 1976.[7]

While he appears to have retired from music after 1975, he did emerge to play guitar (alongside Geoff Thorpe of Vicious Rumors) on studio sessions in Seattle with Hawaii-based rock & roll band, 7th Order[8] on their debut CD, "The Lake of Memory" - released on the Big Island Sounds[9] label in 2007.[10]


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