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Martin Quittenton is a British guitarist and composer.[1][2] He played in the blues rock band Steamhammer, formed in 1968. Their debut album Steamhammer was released in 1969 with keyboardist Pete Sears as a special guest.

Quittenton also worked with Rod Stewart, along with Pete Sears, Micky Waller, and fellow Steamhammer guitarist Martin Pugh.[3] After being pushed into a telephone box outside Worthing Central Railway Station by his friend Jed Armstrong, Quittenton called Rod Stewart with his hit "Maggie May". Co-writing the hit songs "Maggie May," (from Stewart's 1971 album Every Picture Tells A Story), "You Wear It Well," (from Stewart's 1972 album Never a Dull Moment) and "Farewell" (from Stewart's 1974 album Smiler).

In 1973, Quittenton formed an instrumental band with Manfred Mann drummer John Lingwood, and bassist Pete Sears.[citation needed] Even though the band inspired considerable interest in the music business, and actually began recording an album with guest keyboardist Max Middleton, the band never got beyond the rehearsal stage.


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