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This article is about the comedian. For the soccer player, see Martin Schneider (footballer).
Martin Schneider
Schneider Martin by Steschke 8581.jpg
Schneider in 2009
Born Martin Schneider
(1964-05-25) May 25, 1964 (age 50)
Bad Homburg vor der Höhe
Occupation Comedian, cabaret artist, actor

Martin Schneider (born 1964 in Bad Homburg vor der Höhe), often just called "Maddin", is a German comedian, cabarettist and actor.


Martin Schneider grew up in Burgholzhausen, a district of Friedrichsdorf.

Today he lives in Marburg. At first he did an internship at the Hessischer Rundfunk. That's where he tried himself in cabaret. 1990 he got his first stage job. His first programme was "Gell, Sie sind spirituell?" (You're spiritual, aren't you?). Since 1992 he appeared in Quatsch Comedy Club, which was still a theater in Hamburg at that time. Later he appeared in several TV shows like RTL Samstag Nacht and had guest appearances in 7 Tage, 7 Köpfe (7 days, 7 heads) and Genial daneben (Ingeniously Off The Mark). He was cast member of Comedy Factory (1996/97) on ProSieben. Since 2004 Martin Schneider is best friends with Cordula Stratmann in Sat.1's improvisational comedy show Schillerstraße. Additionally he played the dwarf "Speedy" in the October 2004 big screen movie 7 Zwerge - Männer allein im Wald (7 Dwarves - Men Alone In The Woods) by Otto Waalkes alongside Otto Waalkes, Markus Majowski, Boris Aljinovic, Heinz Hoenig, Ralf Schmitz and Mirco Nontschew. The sequel "7 Zwerge - Der Wald ist nicht genug (7 Dwarves - The Woods Are Not Enough)" was released in October 2006.

He is best known for his Hessian dialect. "Aschebeschär" ("Aschenbecher" in Standard German, ashtray in English) has become a dictum by Schneider. His characteristics are his especially distinctive face and his big mouth.

Martin Schneider released several compact discs ("Aschebeschär" (Ashtray), Sischär Is Sischär! ("Sicher ist sicher!" = What's sure, that's sure), "Raggae Mann", "Best Of Maddin") as well as the book "Im Bett mit Maddin" (In Bed with Maddin).

Martin has got a twin sister called Martina.

His manager is Heidrun Buchmaier, companion of Bastian Pastewka.


  • 1999 "Alles Bob" - Everything Bob
  • 2000 "Flashback - Mörderische Ferien" - Flashback - Murderous Holidays
  • 2001 "Ausziehn!" - Undress!
  • 2003 "Sperling und der Mann im Abseits" - Sperlig And The Kept Aloof (TV)
  • 2004 "Germanikus" - Germanicus
  • 2004 "7 Zwerge - Männer allein im Wald" - 7 Dwarves - Men Alone In The Woods
  • 2004 "Crazy Race 2 - Warum die Mauer wirklich fiel" - Crazy Race 2 - Why The Wall Fell Really (TV)
  • 2006 "7 Zwerge - Der Wald ist nicht genug" - 7 Dwarves - The Forest Is Not Enough



  • Martin Schneider, Heidrun Buchmaier: "Im Bett mit Maddin (In Bed with Maddin)", Kurschus & Zanolli 2003, ISBN 3-86507-042-6

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