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Martina Stoessel
M stoessel 2014.jpg
Stoessel in April 2014.
Born (1997-03-21) March 21, 1997 (age 17)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Other names Tini
Occupation Actress, singer, dancer, model
Years active 2007–present
Musical career
Instruments Vocals, piano
Labels Walt Disney
Associated acts Rock Bones, Pablo Espinosa, Jorge Blanco, Lodovica Comello, Mercedes Lambre, Candelaria Molfese

Martina Stoessel (born 21 March 1997) is an Argentine teen actress, dancer, singer, and model, who gained popularity for her debut role as Violetta Castillo on the Disney Channel original series Violetta.

Life and career[edit]

Stoessel alongside the conservative party leader and Chief of Government of Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri, May 2014.

Martina Stoessel was born in Buenos Aires, the daughter of producer and director Alejandro Stoessel and Mariana Muzlera, has a brother who is a year older named Francisco.[1] She stated that she was born on 21 March 1997,[2] but the birth date has been disputed.[3] She began her artistic training at a young age studying singing, piano, musical comedy, musical theater and dance.[4]

In 2007, she starred in the first season of the telenovela Argentine youth Patito Feo in the role of Martina,[5] one of the assistants of Fito Bernardi,[6] and also starred Anna as a child, a friend of Leandro met in a forest, in flashbacks, in the same series.

In 2011, she participated in the Spanish version of the song Shannon Saunders′ "The Glow", called "Tu Resplandor", contained in the album recording Disney Princess: Fairy Tale Songs.[7] She also sings this version for the final event of the Disney Channel Latin America, Celebratón, on 31 December 2011. The song was later included in the compilation relating to the show and published in March of the following year.

In 2010, Stoessel obtained the title role in the series Violetta, co-production between Disney Channel Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa,[8] where she plays the character of Violetta Castillo. Stoessel sings the song forerunner of the series published on 5 April 2012 and entitled En mi mundo,[9] the Italian version "Nel mio mondo"[10] and the English version "In My Own World".[11] For this role she won an award for "Female Newcomer" in the 2012 edition of the Kids' Choice Awards Argentina[12] and was also nominated for the U.S. version, the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, in the "Favorite Latin Artist" category.[13]

She also gave her voice to a few songs on the albums of the series. She also participated in the television programs The U-Mix Show and Disney Planet for Disney Latin America.[14] In 2013 has been confirmed to play the same character in the series and to be the protagonist of the play inspired by the series;[15] moreover, lent her voice to the character of Carrie in the dubbing of the Italian version of the film Monsters University.[16]

On 10 August 2013, Stoessel performed, along with the cast of Violetta, UNICEF charity event television Un sol para los chicos, where she plays the songs "Ser mejor" and "En mi mundo".[17][18] She sings the songs "Libre soy" and "All'Alba sorgerò" which are the Spanish and Italian versions of "Let It Go", title song from the Disney animated film Frozen.[19][20]


Year Title Role Notes
2013 Monsters University Carrie Williams Voice-dubbing in Italian
2014 Violetta: en concierto Violetta Concert film
Year Title Role Notes
2007 Patito Feo Martina / Young Anna (flackbacks) First season
2012–present Violetta Violetta Castillo Lead role; Disney Channel Original Series


Promotional singles[edit]

Title Year Album
"En mi mundo" 2012 Violetta
"Nel mio mondo"[21]
"Hoy somos más" 2013 Hoy somos más
"In My Own World"[22] non-album song
"En Gira" 2014 Violetta

Other appearances[edit]

Title Year Other artist(s) Album
"Tu resplandor" 2011 N/A Celebratón in Concert
"Libre soy" 2013 N/A Frozen
"All’alba sorgerò"[19] N/A


Music videos Year Director(s) Notes
"Tu resplandor" 2011 Unknown Spanish version of the song Shannon Saunders′ "The Glow"
"Te creo" 2012 Jorge Nisco
Martín Saban
Violetta episode 2, season 1.
"Entre tú y yo" Violetta episode 13, season 1.
"En mi mundo" Violetta episode 15, season 1. It is also promo video for Season 1.
"Tienes todo" Violetta episode 23, season 1.
"Habla si puedes" Violetta episode 40, season 1.
"Junto a ti" Violetta episode 66, season 1.
"Ven y canta" Violetta episode 70, season 1.
"Nel mio mondo" Premiered only on Disney Channel Italy
"Hoy somos más" 2013 Promo video for Season 2
"Nuestro camino" Violetta episode 67, season 2.
"Si es por amor" Violetta episode 78, season 2.
"Libre soy" Unknown Spanish version of Demi Lovato's song "Let It Go"
"All'Alba Sorgerò" Unknown Italian version of Demi Lovato's song "Let It Go"
"En Gira" 2014 Unknown Violetta episode 1 , season 3. It is also promo video for Season 3.
"Supercreativa" 2014 Violetta episode 8 , season 3.
"Encender nuestra luz" 2014 Violetta , season 3.
"Descubri" 2014 Violetta , season 3.
"Underneath it all" 2014 Violetta , season 3.
"A mi lado" 2014 Violetta , season 3.
"Friends'till the end" 2014 Violetta , season 3.


  • Violetta en Vivo (2013–14)

Awards and nominations[edit]

Kids' Choice Awards Argentina[12]
Year Category Work nominated Result
2012 Female Newcomer Violetta Won
2013 Favorite TV Actress Nominated
Kids' Choice Awards[13]
Year Category Work nominated Result
2013 Favorite Latin Artist Violetta Nominated
Premios Martín Fierro[23]
Year Category Work nominated Result
2013 Female Newcomer Violetta Won


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