Martindale Hall

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Martindale Hall
Martindale Hall.JPG
General information
Architectural style Georgian
Town or city Near Mintaro, South Australia
Country Australia
Coordinates 33°56′16″S 138°43′46″E / 33.9378°S 138.7294°E / -33.9378; 138.7294Coordinates: 33°56′16″S 138°43′46″E / 33.9378°S 138.7294°E / -33.9378; 138.7294
Construction started 1877[1]
Completed 1879[2]
Cost $72,000[2]
Client Edmond Bowman
Design and construction
Architect Ebenezer Gregg
Engineer Edward John Woods

Martindale Hall is a Georgian style mansion near Mintaro, South Australia which appeared in the film Picnic at Hanging Rock.[3] The architect was Ebenezer Gregg of London, the chief supervisor was Adelaide architect Edward John Woods and the builder was R. Huckson, who completed the work in 1880.[4] Due to the specialist nature of the work involved, 50 of the 60 tradesmen used were brought from England, and they returned when it was completed.[1][2]

It was built for a wealthy bachelor pastoralist, Edmund Bowman Jr (1855–1921). However, debt and drought soon forced the Bowmans to sell all their holdings.[3] William Tennant Mortlock (son of William Ranson Mortlock) bought Martindale Hall in 1892. His son, John Andrew Tennant Mortlock, developed Martindale Station and built up an impressive collection of artwork which was displayed at the Hall.[1] The Mortlock Family bequeathed Martindale Hall and the estate to the University of Adelaide in 1965.[2]

The building is currently leased to John Maguire, who has developed Martindale Hall into a heritage museum and boutique hotel. A $1,600,000 renovation project in 2002 repaired salt damp damage and returned the Hall to near-original condition.[1] The hall is now located within the 45-acre (18 ha) Martindale Hall Conservation Park, which is itself within the original 11,000-acre (4,500 ha) Martindale Station, still an active sheep station.[3]


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