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A referendum on becoming an overseas territory was held in Martinique on 10 January 2010.[1] The proposal was rejected by 79% of voters, with a turnout of 55%.[1] A simultaneous referendum was rejected in French Guiana.[2]


French President Nicolas Sarkozy proposed the referendum after visiting the Caribbean island of Martinique in June 2009.[3] The French overseas departments of Martinique and Guadeloupe had suffered prolonged general strikes in early 2009, due to low wages and standards of living.[3]

Martinican voters were asked whether they wanted to more power to be given to the local government based in Fort-de-France.[3] If passed, Martinique would have been granted more autonomy, similar to New Caledonia in the Pacific Ocean.[3]


Choice Votes %
For 32,954 20.69
Against 126,298 79.31
Invalid/blank votes 4,946
Total 164,198 100
Registered voters/turnout 296,802 55.32
Source: Direct Democracy


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