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Maribel Quiñones or María Isabel Quiñones Gutiérrez in full, known under her stage name as Martirio (a Spanish given name meaning Martyrdom or Torment, in English) is a Spanish singer born in 1954 in Huelva, Spain.

She borrows her style and inspiration from flamenco that she adapts or merge with more modern musical trends, especially jazz and tango but also pop, rock, swing, and guaracha, in this sense, she can properly be ranked as a New Flamenco artist.

She is also noted for a distinctive look (wearing large sunglasses).


  1. Estoy Mala
  2. Cristalitos Machacaos
  3. Flor de piel
  4. He visto color por sevillanas
  5. La bola de la vida del amor
  6. Mucho corazón
  7. Coplas de madrugá
  8. Martirio. Colección Nuevos Medios
  9. Acoplados (w/ Chano Domínguez)
  10. Primavera en New York
  11. 25 Años en Directo