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Martynas Goštautas (Polish: Marcin Janowicz Gas(z)tołd or Marcin Gasztołdowicz; Ukrainian: Га́штовт Марти́н Іва́нович; 1428, Vilnius – c. 1483, Vilnius) was a nobleman from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania of the Goštautai family. He was the Grand Marshal of Lithuania, Voivode of Navahrudak (1464–1471), first Voivode of Kiev (1471–1475) and Voivode of Trakai (1480–1483).[1] He was a servant to King Casimir Jagiellon, and was a founder of Tykocin monastery and the Dominican monastery and church in Trakai.

Residents of Kiev resented the appointment of a Roman Catholic as voivode and refused to let him in.[2] In exchange, Kiev acquired the status of a voivodeship, equal to that of Trakai and Vilnius and the subsequent voivodes were Orthodox nobles.

Martynas was a son of Jonas Goštautas, carrying his first name as a patronymic, and father of Albertas Goštautas.


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