Maruja Mallo

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Maruja Mallo

Maruja Mallo (5 January 1902 – 6 February 1995) was a Spanish painter.

She was born in Viveiro, Galicia, and studied arts in Madrid between 1922 and 1926, where she met many important artists, as she also did subsequently in Paris: Salvador Dalí, Federico García Lorca, Luis Buñuel, Magritte, Max Ernst, Miró, De Chirico, André Breton, Enrique Tábara, Xavier Zubiri and Paul Éluard among others. Her paintings of the 1920s represent urban entertainments and sports, composed in complex overlapping arrangements that express the dynamism of modern life. These works, such as La Verbena of 1927, combine sharply defined, smoothly modeled forms with bright colors. Her work became more surrealistic in the early 1930s, and she worked in ceramics during this time as well. Her later works show some influence of Magical Realism and look ahead to Pop art. In 1928 Ortega y Gasset organized her first exhibit, which was a success.

Mallo lived in several places in Europe and left for Buenos Aires in 1937. She returned to Spain in 1964, where she died in 1995 in Madrid.

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