Marutha of Tikrit

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This article is about 7th century Syrian Orthodox Maphrian. For other uses, see Marutha (disambiguation).
Marutha of Tikrit
Maphrian of the Syrian Orthodox Church
See Maphrianate of Tikrit
In office 628–649
Predecessor Ahudama
Successor Dinha of Tikrit
Personal details
Born 565
Shawarzaq, Sassanid Empire
Died 649 (aged 83–84)
Tikrit, Rashidun Caliphate

Marutha of Tikrit (565–649) (Classical Syriac: ܡܪܘܬܐ ܕܬܓܪܝܬ), was a theologian and the second Maphrian of the West Syrian Church in the Sassanid Empire.


Marutha was born in Shawarzaq, a village near Beth Nuhadra in Upper Mesopotamia, to West Syrian parents. He became a monk at a young education and moved to Callinicus to further his education. He later journeyed to Edessa and from there to the Monastery of St. Matthew near Nineveh. In 628 he was consecrated a Maphrian of the East and resided from he Maphrianate See of Tikrit until his death in 2 may 649.[1]


Marutha produced an extensive commentary on the Gospel, several supplicatory prose hymns and festal homilies, and a polemical treatise against the Church of the East. He also had several contributions to the Organisation of the West Syrian Church as a Maphrian, including the establishment of 15 dioceses in Mesopotamia, Azerbayjan, Khurasan and Afghanistan, all of which were placed under the jurisdiction of the Maphrianate of Tikrit.[1]


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