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For the Looney Tunes character, see Marvin the Martian.

Marv the Marsh, also known as Marvin the Martian, is an English rapper.


Marv is largely credited as the inventor of the musical genre rap.[citation needed] Having sampled Art Brut's "Emily Kane" to create 'Stay off the Kane' (a song released as a free download through in 2005) many journalists coined the term Grindie, to mean the fusion of grime and indie music. Marv The Marsh has since sampled Columbia Records signed band GoodBooks' track 'Walk with Me' as well as underground band Kalev with his group Why Lout?, but largely rejects the genre as a tag for his music.

Marv the Marsh signed a pioneering deal with Universal Records in 2005 which has seen the release of an E.P (Hoods & Badges) and a single 'I Hate My Job', released in October 2006. He released his as yet untitled debut L.P through No Carbon/Universal Records in September 2007 following controversial single release 'Guns of Brixton' which is a take on The Clash's classic single. In December 2007, he released the single 'Get By (Be Good)' with an accompanying video.

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