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"Marvel heroes" redirects here. For the Marvel Comics characters, see List of Marvel Comics characters. For the MMORPG, see Marvel Heroes (video game).

Marvel Heroes is a strategy/fantasy board game for two to four players. Designed by Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitello, with Roberto Di Meglio, Simone Peruzzi e Salvatore Pierucci, was created by Nexus Editrice. The English version was released by Fantasy Flight Games in 2006.


Each player chooses to play one of four 4-character Marvel Comics superhero teams. Each player also controls the archenemy of one of the opponents' team to the left of you. These 20 characters, listed below, are represented in the game by fully colored miniatures; other heroes, villains, and characters in the Marvel Universe are represented by cards which influence game play. Each turn, a player manipulates one or more of his four main heroes and plays cards to solve mysteries, stop crimes and defeat villains.


The four superhero teams are available for play and the characters represented by miniatures in the game include:

Marvel Knights

Archenemy: Kingpin


Archenemy: Magneto

Fantastic Four

Archenemy: Doctor Doom


Archenemy: Thanos


The game board is of New York. It is split into 6 Areas, each a different colour. These areas are Upper Manhattan, Central Manhattan, The Village, Lower Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.

The Areas are then split into 4 Districts.

Upper Manhattan

Central Manhattan

The Village

Lower Manhattan



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