Mary Ann (Ray Charles song)

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"Mary Ann"
Single by Ray Charles
Released 1956
Genre Rhythm & blues, blues
Length 2:48
Label Atlantic Records
Writer(s) Ray Charles
Ray Charles singles chronology
"Hallelujah I Love Her So
"Mary Ann"
"Lonely Avenue"

"Mary Ann" is a song written and performed by Ray Charles and released in 1956 as a single on the Atlantic Records label. It was the third Ray Charles song to reach No. 1 on the Billboard Best Selling Rhythm & Blues chart. The song is set to a Latin beat, but switches into a swing rhythm, "an alternation that adds fun for the dancers."[1] It has been described as "a sexy blues,"[1] and "a lightly lascivious tune."[2]

The song was written about Mary Ann Fisher, a singer who had recently joined Charles as the fourth member of The Raelettes. Despite Charles' marriage, the two became lovers, and Fisher became a featured singer in Charles' touring shows.[3][4][5]


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