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Mary Beats Jane, 1994

Mary Beats Jane was a Swedish hardcore / thrash metal band from Gothenburg. Their self-titled 1994 album won a Swedish Grammy in 1994.

Singer Peter Dolving, who went on to join the Haunted around 1997, has said the band is dead and won't be making any more music.[1]



Locust (1997)[edit]


Locust is the second album from Swedish heavy metal group 'Mary Beats Jane'. This album marks a departure in sound and feel from the first album which was a more straight ahead heavy metal guitar riff sound. Locust draws on a more industrial and creepy place with slow songs like Blackeye, Pure and Nail Me, mixed with guitar fuzz and up tempo Dogrelish and Cut. As an album it feels more complete and rounded than the eponymous 'Mary Beats Jane', with Peter Dolving's haunting voice and carefully crafted lyrics going to some dark places. The album has overtones of Nine Inch Nails but has its own singular identity. The band broke up after this album with Dolving going on to form 'The Haunted' which on the basis of this album feels like a missed opportunity to see what would have come next.

Track listing

All lyrics written by Peter Dolving, all music composed and arranged by Mary Beats Jane. Produced by Adam Kviman with Mary Beats Jane.

Published by MNW Music AB and Universal 1997.

No. Title Length
1. Homecoming 1:43
2. Blackeye 4:18
3. Pure 5:19
4. Day In Day Out 4:33
5. Dogrelish 3:10
6. Fall 4:07
7. Flowered 3:48
8. Corrosion 4:18
9. Cradlewake 6:25
10. Cut 3:17
11. Nail Me 4:51
Total Length 45:49
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