Mary Hannah Krout

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Mary Hannah Krout
Mary Hannah Krout.jpg
Born November 3, 1851 (1851-11-03)
Crawfordsville, Indiana
Died May 27, 1927 (1927-05-28) (aged 75)
Crawfordsville, Indiana
Occupation Journalist and writer

Mary Hannah Krout (November 3, 1851 – May 27, 1927) was an American journalist and author.


Krout was born November 3, 1851 in Crawfordsville, Indiana to Robert Kennedy and Caroline VanCleve (Brown) Krout. She was educated at home, and became associate editor of the Crawfordsville Journal in 1881, and editor on the Terre Haute Express in 1882.

For 10 years Krout was on the staff of the Chicago Inter-Ocean, serving as its staff correspondent in Hawaii during the revolution in 1893, and furnishing special data subsequently for the United States Department of State. She was also staff correspondent in London from 1895 to 1898, then went to China for a syndicate of representative newspapers specially to investigate the commercial relations of China and the United States.

In 1907 Krout visited Australia for a second time, lecturing on American political and economic conditions and writing a series of articles for the Sydney and Auckland press on American topics. Later she engaged in miscellaneous literary work, and lectured on literary and other topics.


  • Hawaii and a Revolution (1888)
  • Alice in the Hawaiian Islands (1899)
  • A Looker-on in London (1899)
  • Two Girls in China (1900)
  • Memoirs of Bernice Pauahi Bishop (1909)
  • Reminiscences of Mary S. Rice (1908)
  • Platters and Pipkins’ (1908)
  • The Coign of Vantage (1909)

She also assisted Susan Wallace with the completion of Lew Wallace's Autobiography following his death in 1905. It was published in 1906, a year before Mrs. Wallace died.


Her younger sister Caroline Virginia Krout was also a noted author.



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