Maryam Nawaz

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Maryam Nawaz
A white-skinned woman wearing purple Pakistani traditional dress and looking to her left.
Maryam Nawaz in a meeting
Native name مريم نوازشريف
Born Maryam Nawaz Sharif
(1973-10-28) 28 October 1973 (age 40)
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Alma mater Punjab University
Cambridge University
Political party
Pakistan Muslim League
Religion Islam
Spouse(s) Safdar (PML-N Youth Leader)
Parents Nawaz Sharif
Kalsoom Nawaz Sharif

Maryam Nawaz Sharif (Urdu: مريم نوازشريف‎; born 28 October 1973) is a Pakistani female politician and the only daughter of the current Prime minister Nawaz Sharif and the first lady of Pakistan, Kalsoom Nawaz. She is active in national politics and is a central political figure in the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N).[1][2]

Sharif was born in Lahore, Punjab province, at a time when her father was head of a steel conglomerate. After graduating from Convent of Jesus and Mary school, she pursued her undergraduate studies at Punjab University where she also earned master's degree. She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree at Cambridge University. She has had vital role in the establishment of higher education in Punjab and currently serves as the chairman of the board of the Sharif Medical and Dental College. In 2011, she took active part in national politics, and was involved in polishing her father's image in the country.

Life and education[edit]

Maryam Nawaz belongs to the Sharif family of Pakistan.[3] She is the granddaughter of Muhammad Sharif, a prominent industrialist and philanthropist. She is the daughter of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the niece of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and wife of Capt Safdar,[4] all three men holding prominent positions in the political circles of Pakistan.[2][5][6]

Social entrepreneurship[edit]

Maryam Nawaz has since 1997 been the chairperson of Sharif Trust, founded by her grandfather Muhammad Sharif, Sharif Medical City and Sharif Education Institutes. She takes a keen interest and is directly involved in the working of Sharif Trust and its allied institutions including Sharif College of Engineering & Technology, Sharif Education Complex, Sharif Model Schools for Boys & Girls, Sharif Institute of Technology and Islamic Center.[7][8][9] Sharif Medical City was established in 1997, includes 300 bed tertiary care center, 12 operation theaters and a 24 Hours Emergency & Trauma Service. More than 700 successful kidney transplants, both adult and children have been performed so far.[10]

Political career[edit]

She is now a leader of PML-N.[11] In the April 2012 article in Newsweek Pakistan,[1] Maryam Nawaz was described as the new face of the PML-N political party. Fluent in four languages, the Newsweek article portrays her as a progressive heir apparent of Pakistan's mainstream right-to-center PML-N party. She urged youth in her address on Quaid e Azam's day to play an important role in the economics and politics of Pakistan.[12] She announced her intention to participate in politics in order to assist her father in Nov, 2011. She may contest next general election (2013) from Raiwind on National Assembly Seat.[5][13][14]


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