Maryport Lighthouse

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Old lighthouse.

Maryport Lighthouse is a small lighthouse located in Maryport, Cumbria, England, formerly run by the UK's General Lighthouse Authority, Trinity House. The original Maryport lighthouse was built in 1796, and was running on acetylene by 1946. The painter L. S. Lowry used Maryport and the lighthouse in several of his paintings.[1] Trinity House took charge of it in 1961.

In 1996 a new tower (54°43′04″N 3°30′39″W / 54.7178°N 3.5107°W / 54.7178; -3.5107 (New Maryport Lighthouse, Cumbria)) was built from aluminium and the lighthouse was connected to mains electricity. Before this the lighthouse at Maryport had been the UK's oldest iron lighthouse.[2] At 4.7 metres tall and with a light intensity of only 120 candelas, the new tower was one of Trinity House's smaller beacons, but the light can be seen 6 nmi (6.9 mi) out to sea. In 2010 Trinity House transferred responsibility for the light to the Maryport Harbour Authority.[3]


Coordinates: 54°43′01″N 3°30′27″W / 54.7169°N 3.5076°W / 54.7169; -3.5076