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Mas or Más may refer to:

In arts:

In places:

MAS may stand for:

In academics

In computing:

  • MAS 90, the first in a series of accounting software sold by Sage Software
  • Micro-Architecture Specification, term used in computer engineering, typically a certain type of documentation for microprocessor design, see Computer architecture
  • Microsoft AntiSpyware, an anti-spyware program released by Microsoft in 2005
  • Motu Audio System, now known as Digital Performer, audio sequencer software published by Mark of the Unicorn
  • Mozilla Application Suite, a combination web browser, email client, and newsgroup reader
  • Multi-agent system, a system built around multiple autonomous entities which interact
  • Media Application Server, a Multimedia framework
  • Mac App Store, the online software market built into Apple's OS X operating system.

In politics:

In science:


  • MAS-49 rifle, a French semiautomatic rifle manufactured by the above