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Masato Sako
Born November 9, 1946
Iwakuni, Yamaguchi, Japan
Died January 11, 2003(2003-01-11) (aged 56)
Iwakuni, Yamaguchi, Japan
Occupation Actor, voice actor
Years active 1960-2003

Masato Sako (佐古正人 Sako Masato?, November 9, 1946 – January 11, 2003) was a Japanese actor and voice actor from Iwakuni, Yamaguchi. He stood at 168 centimeters (5 feet, 7 inches) tall and weighed in at 62 kilograms (136 pounds).

Sako dropped out of Chuo University. He then enrolled in the theater company Gekidan Kumo. He later transferred to Engekishūdan En. He has performed in Shakespeare, television dramas, dubs of western films and animation. His oldest daughter, Mayumi Sako, is enrolled in the Bungaku Company. On January 11, 2003, Masato Sako died of oral cancer in an Iwakuni hospital at the age of 56.


After Sako's death, the following actors were recruited to take over Sako's ongoing roles.


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