Mascarin Peak

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Mascarin Peak
Mascarin Peak is located in Indian Ocean
Mascarin Peak
Mascarin Peak
Indian Ocean
Prince Edward Islands, South Africa
Elevation 1,230 m (4,040 ft)[1]
Prominence 1,230 m (4,040 ft)[1]
Listing List of mountains in South Africa
Coordinates 46°54′S 37°46′E / 46.900°S 37.767°E / -46.900; 37.767Coordinates: 46°54′S 37°46′E / 46.900°S 37.767°E / -46.900; 37.767[1]
Type Shield Volcano[2]
Age of rock Holocene
Last eruption 2004 [2]

Mascarin Peak (until 2003 called State President Swart Peak), is the highest mountain on Marion Island, with a height of 1,230 metres (4,040 ft).[2] Marion Island is the largest island of the Prince Edward Islands in the sub-Antarctic Indian Ocean. The islands belong to South Africa and are administered by the South African National Antarctic Programme.

Mascarin Peak is South Africa's only active volcano.[2] The last eruption occurred in 2004. Renamed in 2003 after Marion du Fresne's frigate Le Mascarin.[3]

Map of Prince Edward Islands