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Founded 2003
Founder DJ C
Genre electronic dance music, Boston bounce, dancehall, ragga, mashups, jungle, breakcore
Country of origin United States
Location Boston, Chicago
Official website

The Mashit record label was founded in 2003 to "fill a need for speed-ragga, dub-core, and genre-blends".

Mashit grew out of Boston's Toneburst event production collective,[1] founded by DJ C, DJ /rupture, and others in 1996. The collective produced more than 20 multi-media events in Boston and the greater New England area in the late '90s, and included musicians such as Hrvatski, Aaron Spectre, and DJ Flack.

The first Mashit 12-inch vinyl record featured label founder DJ C’s tracks alongside an Aaron Spectre remix. A series of 12-inches followed. In October 2004, BBC Radio One host John Peel chose Mashit as a “label of the month”, and since then the Mashit sound and ethos has continued to evolve.

In 2007, Mashit relaunched its label web site, accompanied by a new release schedule of digital downloads, a music blog, and a podcast.

The Mashit collective, now based in the Chicago area, also produce regular events there.[2]

Digital Discography (2007-Present)[edit]

Vinyl Discography (2003-2005)[edit]

  • Mashit 008 - Debaser and DJ C: Crazy Baldheads (2005)
  • Mashit 007 - Murderbot: fi You / Twilight Zone (2005)
  • Mashit 006 - DJ Flack: Meet Mr. Doobie / Story of Oh (2005)
  • Mashit 005 - Wayne & Wax: A It Dat (2004)
  • Mashit 004 - DJ C: Billy Jungle (2004)
  • Mashit 003 - EOSS / Moosaka: Wacko Macko is Back / Masters of Technology (2004)
  • Mashit 002 - DJ Sux / DJ C and Pamelia Kurstin / Sick: Fuck You George Bush / It Gets Worse / Steaktippin’ (2003)
  • Mashit 001 - DJ C / Aaron Spectre: Conscience a Heng Dem (2003)


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