Maskelyne (crater)

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Maskelyne (crater)
Maskelyne crater as10-34-5151.jpg
Apollo 10 Hasselblad Camera image
Coordinates 2°12′N 30°06′E / 2.2°N 30.1°E / 2.2; 30.1Coordinates: 2°12′N 30°06′E / 2.2°N 30.1°E / 2.2; 30.1
Diameter 24 km
Depth 2.5 km
Colongitude 330° at sunrise
Eponym Nevil Maskelyne
Oblique view of Maskelyne from Apollo 10

Maskelyne is a solitary lunar crater that lies in the southeast part of the Mare Tranquillitatis. The outer rim has a somewhat polygonal shape, although it is generally circular. The inner walls are terraced and there is a low central rise at the midpoint of the floor.

The landing site of the Apollo 11 expedition is located about 250 kilometers to the west-southwest. To the northeast are Wallach and Aryabhata. To the southeast is the bright Censorinus. To the south are the lunar mountains informally known as Duke Island and Boot Hill.

Satellite craters[edit]

Oblique view facing west from Apollo 11, showing Maskelyne at center, with Maskelyne B above center, Maskelyne G near top center, Maskelyne X and Y in upper left, and Maskelyne K at right.

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Maskelyne.

Maskelyne Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 0.1° N 34.0° E 29 km
B 2.0° N 28.9° E 9 km
C 1.1° N 32.7° E 9 km
D 2.5° N 32.5° E 33 km
F 4.2° N 35.3° E 21 km
G 2.4° N 26.7° E 6 km
J 3.2° N 32.7° E 4 km
K 3.3° N 29.6° E 5 km
M 7.8° N 27.9° E 8 km
N 5.4° N 30.3° E 5 km
P 0.5° N 34.1° E 10 km
R 3.0° N 31.3° E 13 km
T 0.0° S 36.6° E 5 km
W 0.9° N 29.2° E 4 km
X 1.3° N 27.4° E 4 km
Y 1.8° N 28.1° E 4 km

The following craters have been renamed by the IAU.


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