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Design Center Place, Boston
21 DryDock Avenue. MassChallenge occupies the 6th floor.
Type 501(c)(3)

MassChallenge is the world’s largest startup accelerator and competition and the first of its kind to support high-impact, early-stage entrepreneurs with no strings attached.[1][2] The organization aims to catalyze a global startup renaissance. Their objectives are to promote innovation, collaboration and commercialization, address the seed-stage investment gap, empower novice entrepreneurs, provide educational opportunities for entrepreneurs, and showcase entrepreneurship assets and infrastructure locally, nationally and internationally.

The nonprofit organization[1] selects 128 startup companies annually[3] to participate in its four-month accelerator program, which provides entrepreneurs access to expert mentors, marketing and media resources, funding opportunities and free office space in Boston. Following the four-month accelerator period, MassChallenge awards $1 million in grants to the program’s top companies.[1] MassChallenge accepts startups from all industries and has the resources to provide startups from "any industry, anywhere in the world" with tremendous value.[3] However, all of the startups must be "early-stage", meaning that they have received up to but no more than $500,000 of equity based funding and haven't generated more than $1 million in revenue. The MassChallenge accelerator program is designed to provide entrepreneurs with a range of strategic and tactical insights, covering everything from sales to hiring and legal to financing.

As a nonprofit, MassChallenge does not take any equity in the companies or place any restrictions on the entrepreneurs.[1] The organization's funding comes primarily from sponsorships from large corporations including Fidelity Investments, Verizon, Oracle, AmericanAirlines and Microsoft, and from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts[1][4]


Launched in April 2010, MassChallenge began in earnest in May 2009 when co-founders John Harthorne and Akhil Nigam quit their jobs as consultants at Bain & Company to pursue their idea for a startup competition. In the midst of financial crisis, the two decided that their talents would be better served by helping entrepreneurs than by advising big multinationals.[1][5]

MassChallenge garnered early support from successful entrepreneurs, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and large corporations. The earliest supporters of MassChallenge included Desh Deshpande, founder of Sycamore Networks, Thomas Menino, Mayor of Boston, Greg Bialecki, the Massachusetts Secretary of Housing and Economic Development, The Blackstone Charitable Foundation, Microsoft and Joe Fallon, a local real estate developer who donated the fourteenth floor of ONE Marina Park Drive,[1] However, the MassChallenge offices recently relocated to the 21 DryDock Avenue in Boston's Design Center. The space is 26,000 sq. ft. taking up a large portion of the 6th floor and was donated courtesy of Jamestown, a real estate investment firm.[6]

The organization originally attracted applications from 446 startups for its first program in 2010, selecting 111 companies to join the accelerator.[7] The number of applications grew to 733 for the 2011 accelerator[7] and to 1,237 for the 2012 accelerator.[8] Approximately 10% of applicants were accepted to the 2012 program.[8]

In 2013, MassChallenge increased the number of accepted startups to 128, in tribute to Route 128,[9] a number that was repeated in 2014 (picked from over 1700 entries).[10]

Global Expansion[edit]

MassChallenge opened an office in Israel in 2013. The mission of MassChallenge Israel is to enable top-tier Israeli startups to access global markets by connecting them with the very best people and organizations in the Boston entrepreneurial order to help identify up and coming startups to participate in the program. With the help of Israeli mentors and judges, MassChallenge Israel identifies the highest-potential startups in Israel to relocate to the MassChallenge headquarters in Boston offices for the summer and participate in the 4 week accelerator program. These startups will be able to return to Israel after the MassChallenge accelerator with new sales channels, investors, mentors, and growth that wouldn't otherwise be feasible.

MassChallenge has announced an intention to launch MassChallenge UK in December 2014. MassChallenge UK aims to run an accelerator program that will engage hundreds of startups, expert mentors, investors, students, and business leaders from across the UK as part of a global innovation economy.


Startup Accelerator[edit]

MassChallenge’s startup accelerator program connects entrepreneurs with resources to help them succeed. The program lasts four months, July through October, and takes place in the MassChallenge offices in Boston.[2][11]

MassChallenge entrepreneurs typically build a small team of 2-4 mentors and work with those experts throughout the accelerator. Every match between entrepreneur and mentor is mutual. MassChallenge never forces a relationship, but does help entrepreneurs and mentors make connections. The organization matches entrepreneurs with expert mentors, who are a mix of senior executives, lawyers, marketing consultants and successful entrepreneurs. There are over 300 mentors in the MassChallenge network.[12]

MassChallenge organizes hundreds of events and training sessions during the four-month program,[2][11] including a one-week “Boot Camp.”[13] Events range from large lectures and networking events to small workshops.[11]

During the four months, the entrepreneurs work out of MassChallenge's offices located in South Boston's "Innovation District". The Innovation District has added more than 5,000 jobs in four years, and more than 1,000 of those in the past eight months, according to the city. 200 companies have opened in the neighborhood, ranging from large businesses such as Zipcar Inc. and LogMeIn Inc. to start-ups such as CoachUp Inc. and Artaic, both of which participated in MassChallenge.[14]

Startup Competition[edit]

MassChallenge uses a competition framework to provide resources to top startups. Two rounds of judging determine the class of 100+ “finalists,” which are invited to participate in the four-month accelerator program. Several more rounds of judging determine cash winners. MassChallenge judges award a total of $1 million in grants to 10-20 startups in amounts of either $100,000 or $50,000.[2] The startups are judged on “impact, feasibility, and execution.” MassChallenge judges have included Vertex Pharmaceuticals founder Josh Boger, famous tech entrepreneur Desh Deshpande, and Boston Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck.[8]

Entrants must be in the early stages of their business to be eligible. MassChallenge defines this as no more than “$500K of investment” and “$1M in annual revenue.” [15] MassChallenge does not take any equity in its winners or place any restrictions on any of the entrepreneurs in exchange for the cash prizes.[1] Unlike some other startup accelerators, MassChallenge does not provide cash upfront. It provides grants to winners after the program.[2]

All finalists have access to multiple other prizes and in-kind deals throughout the accelerator program. Other prizes include; The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) provides an additional $600,000 prize and the opportunity to use the International Space Station National Laboratory as the ultimate research or technology development platform, Perkins School for the Blind offers an additional $25,000 to encourage participants in MassChallenge to develop new, low- and high-technology devices that could make a significant impact on the quality of life for people with disabilities. The John W. Henry Family Foundation provides additional grants to support the startup or startups in the 2013 MassChallenge accelerator with the most compelling social impact potential. Microsoft’s New England Research & Development Center is supporting a $50,000 prize for the startup or startups that solve civic challenges through technology. MassChallenge partners provide startups with a massive range of in-kind deals, collectively valued at over $10 million.These deals include legal advice, marketing & media support, talent & hiring partners, and special deals in software, hosting, manufacturing, airfare, shipping and much more.

Awards Ceremony[edit]

The Awards Ceremony is an event held at the end of the summer to celebrate the entrepreneurs' hard work and effort. It is also when MassChallenge awards over $1,000,000 in cash prizes and over $10,000,000 in-kind prizes, with no strings attached to the winning startups. Over 1,000 business and community leaders attend the event. There is also a silent auction where guests can win prizes of their own. The ceremony gives startups a chance to showcase what they do and their products to the public. The Awards Ceremony of 2013 featured keynote speaker, George T. Whitesides, CEO and President of Virgin Galactic, and Aasif Mandvi, Actor, Writer, and Correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was the Master of Ceremonies.


As of April 2014, the 489 MassChallenge alumni have collectively raised over $550 million in outside funding, generated $350 million in revenue and created 4,000 jobs [8]


The winning companies that participated in the 2010,[16] 2011[17] 2012 [17] and 2013 programs are listed below:


  • Ksplice - creator of the "rebootless update", acquired by Oracle (Diamond Winner 2010)[18]
  • Locately - Locately analyzes GPS data from mobile phones to better understand consumer interests and habits, acquired by Service Management Group (Diamond Winner 2010)[19]
  • Osmopure- Simple and effective water filtration systems that are vital to life in disaster situations and commercially attractive for recreation (Diamond Winner 2010) [20]
  • Samanta Shoes-Samanta Shoes provides larger sizes of shoes for women who have trouble finding stylish shoes in their size (Diamond Winner 2010) [21]
  • Abroad101 - The world's first and largest study abroad review website (Gold Winner 2010) [22]
  • 3Play Media-Premium captioning, transcription, and translation solutions to higher education, enterprise, entertainment, and government. (Gold Winner 2010) [23]
  • Energesis Pharmaceuticals-Energesis is a biotechnology company developing therapeutics for obesity and diabetes by targeting brown fat. (Gold Winner 2010) [24]
  • OsComp Systems-is commercializing a breakthrough IP-protected compression technology that will revolutionize the natural gas (NG) industry. (Gold Winner 2010) [25]
  • Pearl's Premium, Inc.- Their patent-pending seed (slow growing, no watering, no chemicals) is transforming lawn care, saving billions of dollars, cutting water waste and protecting the environment. (Gold Winner 2010) [26]
  • RelayRides - the world’s first, and leading, peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace, raised over $13 million in funding (Gold Winner 2010)[27]
  • Rentabilities-Rentabilities makes renting easy. Go to their site, research rentals, and get quotes from stores in your area. (Gold Winner 2010)[28]
  • ScholarPRO, Inc.-ScholarPRO is the first ever common application system for private scholarships. (Gold Winner 2010) [29]
  • Seeding Labs-Seeding Labs creates opportunities for scientists in the developing world to conduct world-class research (Gold Winner 2010) [30]
  • a unique alternative to traditional self-storage warehouses. It enables customers to ship packages to and from a centralized warehouse using prepaid shipping labels and online inventory management. (Gold Winner 2010) [31]
  • Symmetric Computing, Inc.- have created a completely new and unique operating system enhancement for Windows, Unix, Linux etc. This enhancement transforms a network connected cluster into a homogeneous compute platform. With our kernel modification, all the processors and memory within a cluster, are controlled under one OS image � transforming a commodity based cluster into a true distributed SMP supercomputer. (Gold Winner 2010) [32]
  • 7Solar Technologies, Inc.-convert sunlight into heating AND cooling for buildings in a single, integrated solution. (Silver Winner 2010) [33]
  • Architexa-helps developers to easily understand, document, and discuss design with coworkers. (Silver Winner 2010) [34]
  • Aukera Therapeutics, Inc.-is developing a novel protein therapy, to treat ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig�s disease), a rare but devastating neurodegenerative disease that is rapidly progressive and invariably fatal, usually within 3–5 years. (Silver Winner 2010) [35]
  • Brass Monkey - SDKs that enable gamers to turn their mobile devices into remote controllers (Silver Winner 2010) [36]
  • Embedly-providing the best technology to transform links into engaging videos, images and media so that the most relevant message is delivered to the most relevant audience. Embed anything on the web (Silver Winner 2010) [37]
  • JoyTunes - Makes music apps that are activated when users play their own, real musical instruments. (Silver Winner 2010)[38]
  • Novaphage-First-in-class anti-biofilm solution that is green and highly effective against biofilms. (Silver Winner 2010) [39]
  • Relay Technology Management-A software platform that will save the pharmaceutical industry hard and soft costs associated with identifying and evaluating scientific inn (Silver Winner 2010) [40]
  • Sproxil-Anti-counterfeiting & market intelligence solutions to companies in emerging markets (Silver Winner 2010) [41]
  • Vithera Laboratories-ViThera develops new drugs based on engineered beneficial bacteria (Silver Winner 2010) [42]
  • Zyrra-Zyrra uses mass-customization technology to take 10 measurements (vs the standard 2) and create a unique bra pattern for their client (Silver Winner 2010) [43]


  • Alkeus Pharmaceuticals - Clinical stage biotech company developing treatments for leading causes of blindess, dry-AMD Stargardt disease (Diamond Winner 2011)[44]
  • Sanergy- Sanergy permanently reduces sanitation-related diseases in Africa's slums by making hygienic sanitation affordable, accessible, and sustainable. (Diamond Winner 2011) [45]
  • Tinfoil Security- Automated web security for small businesses like us who are 'too busy shipping' to worry about security. (Diamond Winner 2011) [46]
  • Artaic - creates custom tile mosaics using robotic manufacturing and computer aided design systems (Gold Winner 2011) [47]
  • ArtVenue-recruit local businesses and connect them with artists, creating an exciting new avenue for showing artwork in the community. Artists and venues find each other and arrange shows through the site, similar to an online dating service. (Gold Winner 2011) [48]
  • Casa Couture-Casa Couture designs and sells functional and fashionable shoes for the modern woman. (Gold Winner 2011) [49]
  • Cocomama Foods-nutritious, gluten-free food options that actually taste good (Gold Winner 2011) [50]
  • Drync-A mobile media app that helps deliver carefully selected artisanal wines straight to your doorstep. (Gold Winner 2011) [51]
  • EverTrue-Taking donor management to a new level through Social Donor Management (Gold Winner 2011) [52]
  • Her Campus - The #1 national online community for college women, covering Style, Health, Love, Life, and Career, with chapters at 200+ colleges. (Gold Winner 2011)[53]
  • Invup'-a web platform that makes it fun an easy to manage volunteering and donation programs. (Gold Winner 2011) [54]
  • Localocracy - provides an online town common where registered voters, using real names, can weigh in on local issues, acquired by The Huffington Post[55]
  • Lynx Sportswear-Patent-pending Lynx Sports Bra for women with large breasts (Gold Winner 2011) [56]
  • Resolute Marine Energy-is developing wave energy converters (WEC) that generate clean energy from ocean waves. (Gold Winner 2011) [57]
  • Smartershade-Using their proprietary light-control technology, products like windows, skylights and rearview mirrors can be instantly adjusted to go from clear to dark, with adjustable tint in-between. (Gold Winner 2011) [58]
  • SocMetrics-helping agencies and brands leverage the potential of social media to get their message out in an authentic way by creating a more systematic and accurate way to find and engage highly targeted influencers (Gold Winner 2011) [59]
  • Therapeutic Systems-to design, develop, and produce person-centered medical devices for individuals with autism, ADHD, and anxiety based disorders. (Gold Winner 2011) [60]
  • UberSense- a mobile app that helps athletes & coaches video-analyze their technique using proprietary mobile+cloud solutions. (Gold Winner 2011) [61]
  • Aro Medical, LLC-a spinal implant company reducing back pain in patients undergoing their first surgery and reducing the $3 billion associated with failed surgeries. (Silver Winner 2011) [62]
  • BIOARRAY Therapeutics-developing innovative molecular diagnostic tests that help women with breast cancer and their doctors identify more effective treatment sooner by predicting chemotherapy response across multiple cancer subtypes. (Silver Winner 2011) [63]
  • Circumventive-Circumventive reduces Internet Security Risks with an innovative Exfiltration Testing solution, which for the first time enables organizations to identify and manage their outbound vulnerabilities and threats, as effectively as inbound risks, verifying and validating security controls; and ensuring network integrity. (Silver Winner 2011) [64]
  • Driveway Software-helps people save money on auto insurance and brings new clients to insurance companies. (Silver Winner 2011) [65]
  • Finalta-provides a secure, private, off-exchange trading network for global institutional asset managers. (Silver Winner 2011) [66]
  • PK Clean-is able to transform the most painful waste (plastic) into the most useful energy (oil) through their patented depolymerization process. (Silver Winner 2011) [67]
  • Privy, Inc.-Track customer behavior and in-store transactions from any online channel (Silver Winner 2011) [68]
  • Pintley-online beer community and mobile app for consumers and brewers that helps brewers increase sales through in-depth market research and high-value word-of-mouth campaigns. (Silver Winner 2011) [69]
  • The Tap Lab-makes mobile games that allow players to compete with real people, at real places, in real time (Silver Winner 2011) [70]


  • Global Research Innovation & Technology (GRIT)-GRIT’s Leveraged Freedom Chair uses a novel drivetrain to offer people with disabilities unparalleled mobility on rough terrain. (Gold Winner 2012) [71]
  • LiquiGlide- Plant-based product adds a microscopic slippery coating to almost any material, named to TIME's list "Best Inventions of 2012" (Gold Winner 2012)[72]
  • Rallypoint-gives US military members unprecedented ability to influence their careers by leveraging their own unique military merits and connections. (Gold Winner 2012) [73]
  • Strong Arm Technologies - Makes a vest that takes the forces of a load and disperses them to stronger more stable areas of a lifter's torso (Gold Winner 2012)[74]
  • Bounce Imaging - Develops sensor technology to save the lives of first responders by allowing them to safely view hazardous environments remotely and at low cost, named to TIME's list "Best Inventions of 2012" (Gold Winner 2012)[75]
  • BuysideFX-solves institutional asset managers' foreign exchange problems via smart automation. We are the FX Traders' one API to the world. (Gold Winner 2012) [76]
  • CoachUp-a service that connects athletes with private coaches. We believe that private coaching is the secret to reaching the next level. (Gold Winner 2012) [77]
  • Dynamo Micropower-Dynamo has developed a novel microturbine that will replace small diesel (<30 kW) because it is fuel flexibility, robust, and more efficient (Gold Winner 2012) [78]
  • Guided Surgery Solutions-provides dental implant surgeons the accuracy of computer guidance, with the ease of freehand drilling (Gold Winner 2012) [79]
  • IntegralReach-is applying large scale data analytics to fragmented media, enabling advertisers to reach customers across multiple platforms. (Gold Winner 2012) [80]
  • Lab Automate Technologies-LATech has developed an automation solution for inhalation drug testing which reduces time to market by up to 25% by biotech companies. (Gold Winner 2012) [81]
  • Lovin' Spoonfuls, Inc.-facilitates the rescue and distribution of perishable, prepared and unserved foods that would otherwise be thrown away and wasted. They deliver this food directly to local crisis centers, soup kitchens and other social assistance entities. (Gold Winner 2012) [82]
  • Ministry of Supply - Uses its proprietary NASA technology in business clothing, Kickstarter's highest ever Fashion funded startup (Gold Winner 2012) [83]
  • NBA Math Hoops-will improve math literacy among urban youth by making fun and effective educational tools that harness the power of the NBA (Gold Winner 2012) [84]
  • Nordic Technology Group-NTG health service has health sensors and software intelligence to detect abnormal patterns in behavior, giving elderly people the freedom to live longer and more safely at home, and giving their loved ones peace of mind. (Gold Winner 2012) [85]
  • Recovers.Org- is creating tools for community powered disaster relief, their website provides searchable databases, social media aggregation and mobile apps, allowing local organizers to efficiently marshal resources.(Gold Winner 2012) [86]
  • Akrivis Technologies-Akrivis’ patented Z-TECT technology will allow cancer detection so early that it will be cured easier, faster and with less toxic drugs (Silver Winner 2012) [87]
  • Black Island Wind Turbines-the toughest wind turbines on the planet, reliable for over a decade in Antarctica in 200+mph marine environments. As the high-reliability option, our HR3 model is the natural choice for meeting critical loads—and demanding customer requirements. (Silver Winner 2012) [88]
  • Capital Market Exchange-analytic solutions provides fixed income portfolio managers, credit analysts and traders new market perspectives on what factors drive current bond prices. (Silver Winner 2012) [89]
  • Cellanyx Diagnostics-Leveraging lab-on-a-chip technology & novel biomarkers, Cellanyx is developing a prognostic central lab service for prostate cancer. (Silver Winner 2012) [90]
  • Helmet Hub-they have developed a helmet vending solution that allows for helmets to be easily accessed by Bikesharing users. Their machine dispenses and allows for the return of helmets. (Silver Winner 2012) [91]
  • iAgree- is revolutionizing the legal world by developing software to help clients resolve legal disputes in the most effective way possible. (Silver Winner 2012) [92]
  • Neumitra-helps monitor and manage acute and chronic stress with wearable and mobile technologies for health, performance, and happiness. (Silver Winner 2012) [93]
  • OnDeck Biotech-a network of biopharma companies and service providers committed to the efficient development of biopharmaceuticals. OnDeck provides a platform for networking, shared learning, confidential communication, and secure data sharing. (Silver Winner 2012) [94]
  • Ubiqi Health-helps people manage chronic conditions by helping them gather evidence and gain insights through mobile apps & data analytics. (Silver Winner 2012) [95]
  • WindGap Medical-makes a miniature, temperature-insensitive alternative to the EpiPen® addressing a pressing need in a growing, $1B market. (Silver Winner 2012) [96]


  • 99Degrees Custom-Manufactures build-to-order apparel for the me-commerce market and aims to empower the workforce by providing custom clothing (Diamond Winner 2013) [97]
  • Hemova Medical-Hemova improves clinical outcomes for kidney failure patients, helping them live longer, healthier lives, spending less time in the hospital (Diamond Winner 2013) [98]
  • Moneythink-Moneythink empowers urban teens to make and manage money. (Diamond Winner 2013) [99]
  • RailPod-Robotics technology for safer and more efficient railroad track inspections. (Diamond winner 2013) [100]
  • ViralGains-The ViralGains Viral Marketing Platform maximizes views, shares, and conversations in real time for YouTube content. (Diamond Winner 2013) [101]
  • 3dim-they have developed a patent-pending method dramatically reduces power requirements and eliminates sensitivity to lighting conditions, making reliable gesture control on the go possible for the first time. (Gold Winner 2013) [102]
  • A Little Easier Recovery-Essential post-surgical recovery garment addressing critical unmet needs for breast cancer patients now. (Gold Winner 2013) [103]
  • AMS-Qi-improves electricity generation, by enabling more efficient coal & biofuel burn, reduced boiler outage & reduced pollutant emission. (Gold Winner 2013) [104]
  • Bio-Adhesive Alliance-produces an adhesive that is low cost and durable and can be utilized as a substitute to petroleum-based asphalt. It is a green product obtained from a thermochemical process that converts swine manure to liquid asphalt. (Gold Winner 2013) [105]
  • Cape Commons- is a social impact brewery that has a dual mission: to brew great craft beer and to invest in communities without access to clean drinking water. For every batch of beer they brew, they build one clean water project through their on-the-ground partner, Rainwater for Humanity. (Gold Winner 2013) [106]
  • KERADERM-consists of 4×4in Skin-cell-coated sheets, cultured from a 5mm healthy skin sample of the same patient. It is a painless, non-surgical procedure that heals in a short period of time with a significant decrease in cost (Gold Winner 2013) [107]
  • Wedubox-Wedubox the revolution of online education in spanish, 4.000 from 45 countries. Working directly with teachers and small universities. [108]
  • Silverside Detectors Inc.-develops low-cost, networkable radiation detectors that help governments reduce the threat of nuclear terrorism. (Gold Winner 2013) [109]
  • Sword & Plow-is a quadruple bottom line bag company that works with veterans to repurpose military surplus fabrics into stylish bags. (Gold Winner 2013) [110]
  • Thompson SCI-is commercializing a patented device based therapy to preserve neurologic function in patients who suffer spinal cord injuries (Gold Winner 2013) [111]
  • UPower-is developing the only always-on, emission-free, recyclable nuclear battery for remote and distributed generation. The reactor is a compact, solid-state, nano reactor that produces 1.75 MWe and can cogenerate process heat for over a decade without refueling. (Gold Winner 2013) [112]
  • Calista Therapeutics-is developing proprietary peptide drugs for Cystic Fibrosis (Silver Winner 2013) [113]
  • DrinkSavvy-develops cups, glasses, and straws/stirrers that look and function normally, except they will immediately change color to warn you when someone slips a date rape drug into your drink. (Silver Winner 2013) [114]
  • Elegant Therapeutics-help pharmaceutical companies accelerate drug discovery by automating experimentation on small model organisms. (Silver Winner 2013) [115]
  • flatev ag-revolutionizing the way people prepare tortillas at home, by introducing a personal machine that makes bread fresh! (Silver Winner 2013) [116]
  • MouseHouse-an iPad + web application that allows researchers in the life-sciences to save time and money in managing lab mice. Its unique proprietary optimization software reduces colony size by 15% and it's the first tablet drag/drop based application that tracks experimental data, health and complex breeding schemes. (Silver Winner 2013) [117]
  • Qbaka-is a frontend problem monitoring and analytics for web services. Qbaka helps companies provide better customer experience. (Silver Winner 2013) [118]
  • Quad Technologies, LLC-has a game changing dissolvable hydrogel technology, QuickGel™, that selectively isolates stem cells from complex solutions while mitigating non-specific binding.(Silver Winner 2013) [119]
  • Rifiniti-Their analytics SaaS helps F500 companies optimize their workspaces and workflow while reducing real estate costs by half. (Silver Winner 2013) [120]
  • Spire-combining online content from elite US universities, offline instructional design from the best charter schools, and apprenticeship with top local employers. The result is a world-class education for half the cost of existing options, making the future of higher education available today to thousands of underserved students in emerging markets. (Silver Winner 2013)[121]
  • Tripzon-the first dynamic packaging platform for planning and booking complex trips. (Silver Winner 2013) [122]
  • Vecoy Nanomedicines-develops novel nanomedicines for the treatment of HIV/AIDS and other viral infections, using nano-scale virus traps that mimic human cells that lure and destroy viruses.(Silver Winner 2013) [123]


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