Mass Mental

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Mass Mental
Genres Heavy metal, experimental rock
Years active 1998-2002 (hiatus)
Labels Zain Records
Associated acts Bad Religion, Dub War, Fear and the Nervous System, Infectious Grooves, Korn, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Skindred, Suicidal Tendencies, Tenacious D, Farmikos
Members Benji Webbe
Robert Trujillo
Armand Sabal-Lecco
Roy Mayorga
Whitfield Crane
Past members Brooks Wackerman

Mass Mental (also seen typed as Mass Mental?) was a short lived heavy metal band. It was formed in 1998 by Suicidal Tendencies and current Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo and former Dub War and current Skindred singer Clive "Benji" Webbe.[1]


The band was formed when Benji’s old band Dub War disbanded after a dispute with their record label, Earache Records, and Webbe had failed to persuade them to let him record a hip-hop solo album.[2][3] Robert Trujillo was working with Ozzy Osbourne at the time. He recruited Armand Sabal-Lecco as a second bassist and Brooks Wackerman on drums to perform on Mass Mental?'s only album, How to Write Love Songs. Mikey Demus of Skindred has also claimed that Roy Mayorga of Soulfly and Stone Sour also played on some tracks, as well as Whitfield Crane and Lynn Strait providing some vocals (believed to be Strait's last recording).[4]

The band spawned a studio album, How to Write Love Songs, and a live album in Tokyo both released in Japan only,[5][6] before disbanding shortly afterwards. The band were briefly together in 2002 with Roy Mayorga on drums however nothing materialised.

After Mass Mental[edit]

The group members each went their separate ways, with Benji Webbe forming influential "ragga metal" band Skindred who released four studio albums; Robert Trujillo going on to join Metallica in 2003 where he remains to this day; and Brooks Wackerman working with Bad Religion, Tenacious D, Fear and the Nervous System, and for a brief time in 2007, Korn. In 2012 an official Facebook page started, in which pictures from the recording sessions were posted as well as artwork and other things. A release of the "Santa Barbara" mixes of the album is scheduled and a concert in September was rumoured only to be cancelled due to each member's touring schedules. Despite this, Mass Mental? has claimed that it is still an ongoing project. Trujillo and Wackerman have also been involved with Farmikos, led by Trujillo's former Ozzy Osbourne band mate, guitarist Joe Holmes, although neither is an official band member.


(known participants on "How to Write Love Songs" only, according to interviews and the band's Facebook page[7])

Core band



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