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mass mvmnt
Founded 2004
Genre Electronic music
Glitch hop
Hip hop
Country of origin United States
Location Seattle, Washington
Official website

mass mvmnt is a record label in Seattle, Washington. The Pacific Northwest based mass mvmnt (said Mass Movement) was formed in 2004 by a group of music producers and artists.


Though mass mvmnt's musical output is primarily electronic music with genres from dance music and glitchy 303 hip-hop to dub ambience and techno jazz, mass mvmnt is also associated with other work that parallels that endeavor such as: distribution, marketing, promotion & design.

Artists who have worked with mass mvmnt[edit]


  • (MM001) FCS North / Scientific American - fcssa
  • (MM002) AMS + Mugfrosty - 2x4 mix
  • (MM003) AMS + Mugfrosty - USA VS Japan
  • (MM004) Scientific American & Plastiq Phantom - Tubes
  • (MM005) FCS North – Arc
  • (MM006) DJ Fucking in the Streets
  • (MM007) FCS North - Say Go
  • (MM008) Time Promises Power -Tomorrow Grieves Today
  • (MM009) Scientific American -Mass Dstrction
  • (MM010) Mr. Piccolo - Learning to Share
  • (MM011) VA - Proud to Swim Home: A Backporch Revolution Compilation for New Orleans.
  • (MM012) FCS North - In The Fall
  • (MM014) Scientific American - Saints Of Infinity / Simulated D.I.Y.
  • (MM015) Riow Arai - DJ Mix

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