Massachusetts's 18th congressional district

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Massachusetts's current districts, since 2013
"MA-18" redirects here. MA-18 may also refer to Massachusetts Route 18.

Massachusetts's eighteenth congressional district is an obsolete district. Its short tenure (1813-1821) was dedicated to the Maine District until Maine achieved statehood.

List of representatives[edit]

Representative Party Years Congress(es) District home Notes
District created 1813
John Wilson Federalist March 4, 1813 – March 3, 1815 13th Belfast, Maine Lost re-election to Thomas Rice
Thomas Rice Federalist March 4, 1815 - March 3, 1819 14th
Winslow, Maine Lost re-election to James Parker
James Parker Democratic-Republican March 4, 1819 - March 3, 1821 16th Gardiner, Maine District moved to Maine
District moved to Maine 1821