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New Hampshire Route 108 marker Route 108 marker

New Hampshire Route 108
Map of New Hampshire Route 108
Map of southeastern New Hampshire and northeastern Massachusetts with NH 108 highlighted in solid red and with MA 108 highlighted in dotted red
Route information
Maintained by NHDOT
Length: 42.42 mi[1] (68.27 km)
Major junctions
South end: Route 110 in Haverhill, MA
  NH 101 in Exeter
US 4 in Durham
Spaulding Turnpike / NH 16 in Dover
NH 4 / NH 9 in Dover
North end: NH 125 / NH 202A in Rochester
Counties: Essex (MA), Rockingham, Strafford
Highway system
NH 107A NH 109
Route 107 MA Route 109

New Hampshire Route 108 (abbreviated NH 108) is a 42.42-mile (68.27 km) long north–south state highway in Rockingham and Strafford counties in southeastern New Hampshire. The northern terminus of the route is in the city of Rochester at New Hampshire Route 125 and New Hampshire Route 202A. The southern terminus is at the Massachusetts state line in the town of Plaistow, where NH 108 continues south as the short Massachusetts Route 108 for 0.91 miles (1.46 km) to Massachusetts Route 110 in the city of Haverhill.[2]

NH 108 is notable in being one of two routes (the other being New Hampshire Route 9) to intersect both U.S. Route 4 and New Hampshire Route 4 (a rare case of two completely separate routes in one state having the same number).

Route description[edit]

Plaistow to Exeter[edit]

Map of the short extension of Route 108 into Massachusetts
Looking north on Route 108 in East Kingston

NH 108 begins at the border between Haverhill, Massachusetts, and Plaistow, New Hampshire, as a continuation of Massachusetts Route 108, which passes under Interstate 495 just south of the state line before ending at Route 110, which heads east as Amesbury Road and west into downtown Haverhill as Kenoza Avenue. NH 110 passes through the town of Plaistow before crossing through Newton into East Kingston and crossing NH 107A. The route continues north, before turning eastward to form a brief wrong-way concurrency with NH 107, and turning back to the north. NH 108 next passes through the town of Kensington, where it meets the north end of NH 150 and then continues north into the town of Exeter. In Exeter, NH 108 meets NH 27, NH 111, and NH 111A, forming a very brief overlap with the former two routes. The route then meets the west end of NH 88 and then promptly interchanges with the NH 101 freeway at exit 11.

Stratham to Dover[edit]

NH 108 continues north into the town of Stratham where it meets NH 33, a connector to U.S. Route 1 in Portsmouth which also interchanges with Interstate 95. Continuing northward, NH 108 passes through the towns of Newfields and Newmarket, intersecting with NH 85 and NH 152. The road then crosses into Strafford County and into the town of Durham. NH 108 passes through the center of town, just east of the University of New Hampshire main campus, and then interchanges with U.S. Route 4. NH 108 passes through eastern Madbury with no route intersections, and then makes its way into the city of Dover.

Dover to Rochester[edit]

After crossing into Dover, NH 108 interchanges with the Spaulding Turnpike (NH 16) at exit 7. Shortly thereafter, the road comes to an intersection with NH 9 and NH 4, which begins here. The three routes briefly run concurrently in the center of Dover, before NH 4 splits off towards South Berwick, Maine via Portland Avenue. NH 9 and NH 108 continue north until NH 9 splits off towards Berwick, Maine, near an intersection with the Spaulding Turnpike at Exit 9 (via Indian Brook Road westbound). NH 108 continues north into the city limits of Somersworth, where it meets NH 236, a short connector to NH 9 bound for Berwick and, ultimately, Kittery, Maine. Continuing northbound, NH 108 roughly parallels the Spaulding Turnpike, crossing into Rochester, before ending at an intersection with NH 125 and NH 202A in the center of the city. From the northern end of NH 108, one may turn left or right onto Columbus Avenue (NH 125) or continue straight onto North Main Street (NH 202A).

Major intersections[edit]

County Location Mile km Destinations Notes
Essex Haverhill 0.00 0.00 Route 110 (Amesbury Road/Kenoza Avenue) – Amesbury, Lawrence Southern terminus
0.8 1.3 I‑495 (Blue Star Memorial Highway) No access between Route 108 and I-495.
MassachusettsNew Hampshire state line
Rockingham East Kingston 8.0 12.9 NH 107A (Powwow River Road/Burnt Swamp Road) – Kingston, South Hampton
9.2 14.8 NH 107 north (Depot Road) – Kingston Southern terminus of NH 107/108 concurrency.
10.1 16.3 NH 107 south (East Road) – Kensington, Seabrook Northern terminus of NH 107/108 concurrency.
Kensington 13.4 21.6 NH 150 (Amesbury Road) – Kensington, Amesbury MA Northern terminus of NH 150.
Exeter 15.3 24.6 NH 111 west (Front Street) Western terminus of NH 108/111 concurrency.
15.4 24.8 NH 27 west / NH 111A (Water Street) Western terminus of NH 27/108/111 concurrency.
Eastern terminus of NH 111A.
15.6 25.1 NH 27 east / NH 111 east (Front Street) Eastern terminus of NH 27/108/111 concurrency.
16.5 26.6 NH 88 (Holland Way) – Hampton Falls Western terminus of NH 88.
16.7 26.9 NH 101 (Exeter-Hampton Expressway) – Hampton, North Hampton, Epping, Manchester NH Route 101 Exit 11; To I‑95
Stratham 19.0 30.6 NH 33 (Portsmouth Avenue) – Greenland, Portsmouth Western terminus of NH 33.
Newfields 20.6 33.2 NH 85 (Main Street) – Newfields Northern terminus of NH Route 85.
To NH Route 87.svg NH 87.
Newmarket 23.3 37.5 NH 152 (South Main Street) – Lee Eastern terminus of NH 152.
Strafford Durham 28.1 45.2 US 4 (Piscataqua Road) – Concord, Portsmouth
Dover 31.5 50.7 Spaulding Turnpike / NH 16 – Portsmouth, Boston, Somersworth, Rochester Spaulding Turnpike Exit 7.
32.2 51.8 NH 4 / NH 9 west (Silver Street) Southern terminus of NH 4/9/108 concurrency.
Southern terminus of NH 4.
To NH Route 155.svg NH 155.
32.9 52.9 NH 4 east (Portland Avenue) Northern terminus of NH 4/9/108 concurrency.
34.9 56.2 NH 9 east (Indian Brook Road) – Somersworth, Berwick ME Northern terminus of NH 9/108 concurrency.
Indian Brook Road to the Spaulding Turnpike (Exit 9).
Somersworth 38.2 61.5 NH 236 (West High Street) – Somersworth, Berwick ME Western terminus of NH 236.
Rochester 42.42 68.27 NH 125 (Columbus Avenue)
NH 202A (North Main Street)
Northern terminus of NH 108.
Eastern terminus of NH 202A.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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