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For a list of previous senators, see List of Massachusetts Senate delegations.
Massachusetts Senate
Massachusetts General Court
Coat of arms or logo
Term limits
New session started
January 2, 2013
Therese Murray (D)
since March 21, 2007
President pro Tempore
Majority Leader
Stanley Rosenberg (D)
since February 1, 2013
Minority Leader
Bruce Tarr (R)
since January 5, 2011
Seats 40
Political groups
Democratic Party (36)
Republican Party (4)
Length of term
2 years
Authority Chapter 1, Massachusetts Constitution
Salary $58,237.15/year + per diem
Last election
November 6, 2012
(40 seats)
Next election
November 4, 2014
(40 seats)
Redistricting Legislative Control
Meeting place
Holy Mackerel State House.jpg
State Senate Chamber
Massachusetts State House
Boston, Massachusetts
Massachusetts Senate
Composition by municipality in the 187th General Court.

The Massachusetts Senate is the upper house of the Massachusetts General Court, the bicameral state legislature of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Senate comprises 40 elected members from 40 single-member senatorial districts in the state. All but one of the districts are named for the counties in which they are located (the "Cape and Islands" district covers Dukes, Nantucket, and parts of Barnstable counties). Senators serve two-year terms, without term limits.[1] The Senate convenes in the Massachusetts State House, in Boston.

The current session is the 188th General Court, which convened January 2, 2013. It consists of 36 Democrats and 3 Republicans. The President of the Senate is Therese Murray of Plymouth. The Senate Majority Leader, Stanley Rosenberg of the Democratic Party, was named on February 1, 2013.[2][3] The Senate Minority Leader, from the Republican Party, is Bruce Tarr of Gloucester. The last state general election was on November 6, 2012.

Party control[edit]

Democrats hold a supermajority in the Senate.

Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Republican Vacant
End of 187th General Court 36 4 40 0
Start of 188th General Court 36 4 40 0
February 1, 2013[a] 35 39 1
June 14, 2013[a] 36 40 0
August 9, 2013[b] 3 39 1
November 20, 2013[7] 36 4 40 0
December 12, 2013[8] 35 39 1
April 1, 2014[9] 36 4 40 0
Latest voting share 90% 10%


The Senate leadership was announced in late January 2013.[10]

Position Name Party Residence District
President Therese Murray Democratic Plymouth Plymouth & Barnstable
Majority Leader Stanley Rosenberg Democratic Amherst Hampshire, Franklin & Worcester
President Pro Tempore Richard T. Moore Democratic Uxbridge Worcester and Norfolk
Minority Leader Bruce Tarr Republican Gloucester 1st Essex and Middlesex


Current members of the Senate, sorted by district name:

Senator Party District Home Town/City Service started
Downing, BenjaminBenjamin Downing   Demcoratic BeHsFHdBerkshire, Hampshire, Franklin, and Hampden Pittsfield January 2007
Timilty, JamesJames Timilty   Demcoratic BrNBristol and Norfolk Walpole January 2005
Rodrigues, MichaelMichael Rodrigues   Demcoratic BrP11st Bristol and Plymouth Westport January 2011
Montigny, MarkMark Montigny   Demcoratic BrP22nd Bristol and Plymouth New Bedford January 1993
Wolf, DanDan Wolf   Demcoratic CICape Islands Harwich January 2011
Ives, Kathleen O'ConnorKathleen O'Connor Ives   Demcoratic E11st Essex Newburyport January 2013
Lovely, JoanJoan Lovely   Demcoratic E22nd Essex Salem January 2013
McGee, Thomas M.Thomas M. McGee   Demcoratic E33rd Essex Lynn May 2002
Tarr, BruceBruce Tarr   Republican EM11st Essex and Middlesex Gloucester January 1995
Finegold, BarryBarry Finegold   Demcoratic EM22nd Essex and Middlesex Andover January 2011
Welch, James T.James T. Welch   Demcoratic HdHampden West Springfield January 2011
Candaras, Gale D.Gale D. Candaras   Demcoratic HdHs11st Hampden and Hampshire Wilbraham January 2007
Humason, Jr., DonaldDonald Humason, Jr.   Republican HdHs22nd Hampden and Hampshire Westfield November 2013
Rosenberg, StanleyStanley Rosenberg   Demcoratic HsFWHampshire and Franklin and Worcester Amherst February 1991
Donoghue, EileenEileen Donoghue   Demcoratic M11st Middlesex Lowell January 2011
Jehlen, Patricia D.Patricia D. Jehlen   Demcoratic M22nd Middlesex Somerville September 2005
Barrett, Michael J.Michael J. Barrett   Demcoratic M33rd Middlesex Lexington January 2013
Donnelly, KenKen Donnelly   Demcoratic M44th Middlesex Arlington January 2009
Lewis, JasonJason Lewis   Demcoratic M55th Middlesex Winchester April 2014
Creem, Cynthia StoneCynthia Stone Creem   Demcoratic MN11st Middlesex and Norfolk Newton January 1999
Spilka, KarenKaren Spilka   Demcoratic MN22nd Middlesex and Norfolk Ashland January 2005
DiDomenico, SalSal DiDomenico   Demcoratic MSMiddlesex and Suffolk Everett May 2010
Eldridge, James B.James B. Eldridge   Demcoratic MWMiddlesex and Worcester Acton January 2009
Ross, RichardRichard Ross   Republican NBrMNorfolk, Bristol and Middlesex Wrentham May 2010
Joyce, BrianBrian Joyce   Demcoratic NBrPNorfolk, Bristol and Plymouth Milton January 1998
Keenan, JohnJohn Keenan   Demcoratic NPNorfolk and Plymouth Quincy January 2011
Rush, Michael F.Michael F. Rush   Demcoratic NSNorfolk and Suffolk Boston January 2011
Murray, ThereseTherese Murray   Demcoratic PBaPlymouth and Barnstable Plymouth January 1993
Pacheco, MarcMarc Pacheco   Demcoratic PBr11st Plymouth and Bristol Taunton January 1993
Kennedy, Thomas P.Thomas P. Kennedy   Demcoratic PBr22nd Plymouth and Bristol Brockton January 2009
Hedlund, RobertRobert Hedlund   Republican PNPlymouth and Norfolk Weymouth January 1995
Forry, Linda DorcenaLinda Dorcena Forry   Demcoratic S11st Suffolk Boston June 2013
Chang-Diaz, SoniaSonia Chang-Diaz   Demcoratic S22nd Suffolk Boston January 2009
Petruccelli, AnthonyAnthony Petruccelli   Demcoratic SM11st Suffolk and Middlesex Boston January 2008
Will Brownsberger   Demcoratic SM22nd Suffolk and Middlesex Belmont January 2012
Chandler, HarrietteHarriette Chandler   Demcoratic W11st Worcester Worcester January 2001
Moore, Michael O.Michael O. Moore   Demcoratic W22nd Worcester Millbury January 2009
Brewer, StephenStephen Brewer   Demcoratic WHdHsMWorcester, Hampden, Hampshire and Middlesex Barre January 1997
Flanagan, JenniferJennifer Flanagan   Demcoratic WMWorcester and Middlesex Leominster January 2009
Moore, Richard T.Richard T. Moore   Demcoratic WNWorcester and Norfolk Uxbridge April 1996


  1. ^ a b Democrat Jack Hart (1st Suffolk) resigned effective February 1, 2013 to join the Boston law office of Nelson Mullins.[4] Democrat Linda Forry was sworn in to succeed Hart on June 14, 2013.[5]
  2. ^ Republican Michael Knapik (2nd Hampden and Hampshire) resigned August 9, 2013.[6]

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