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Masstown (2006 population: 153) is a farming community located approximately 17 kilometres (10.6 miles) from Truro, Nova Scotia.

Masstown is located in Nova Scotia
Masstown in Nova Scotia

Historic background[edit]

Masstown has its beginnings with French settlers, known as Acadians. They first settled in this area near the Cobequid Bay in 1705. The Acadian culture consisted primarily of farming. Evidence of their highly advanced farming systems are seen in the marshland dykes that cover the entire coast of the community.

The community of Masstown is located 10 minutes west of Truro on Nova Scotia Trunk 2 or Exit 12 off Nova Scotia Highway 104 at the “Glenholme Service Loop” (the last exit prior to the toll highway heading west). A local Market has made Masstown a popular stopping place for travellers over the years. This quiet community has a deceivingly rich heritage. Once an old Acadian settlement, Masstown was the site of the first Acadian church to be built in Nova Scotia. A cairn is erected at the nearby United Church to commemorate the former landmark. It was the then Catholic Church that inspired the name of this community “Mass” town. Remains of Acadian dykes offer yet another subtle reminder of those who once inhabited this area.


Coordinates: 45°23′2.15″N 63°28′58.61″W / 45.3839306°N 63.4829472°W / 45.3839306; -63.4829472