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Tony "Master T" Young (born 1961 in England) is a Canadian television and radio personality and urban music promoter. He was raised in Kitchener, Ontario.

As a VJ for MuchMusic, Young was host of programs such as Rap City and Da Mix (formerly called X-Tendamix) from 1990 to 2001. When he left MuchMusic, his on-air farewell party featured an exclusive live performance by Lauryn Hill. During his time with Much Music, Master T successfully walked the line between comic relief and being a serious provider of urban music, to a nation that was less exposed to various forms of hip hop, soul, dance and reggae than it is now.

Young has also hosted the syndicated radio program Wall of Sound, produced by CIDC-FM.

During his time with Much, Master T was the primary promoter of the channel's Much DanceMix series of compilation CDs. Since leaving MuchMusic, he has produced and promoted his own Master T's series of hip hop and reggae compilations.


  • Recorded a public service announcement for Deejay Ra's 'Hip-Hop Literacy' campaign


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