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Master in College is the title of the master responsible for College, the oldest boarding house at Eton College, which is reserved for the seventy King's Scholars.

King's Scholars (Collegers) attend Eton on scholarships provided under the original foundation by King Henry VI in 1440 and awarded by examination each year. The school originally consisted of 70 scholars (half of the first intake had previously been educated at Winchester College) together with a small number of Commensals.

The boarding house in which Collegers live is in the central area of the school off School Yard, the fulcrum around which the school revolves, where both Eton College Chapel and Lupton's Tower are situated. It includes New Buildings and Chamber. Chamber, the older section, includes rooms which look out onto School Yard, while New Buildings is on the reverse side and contains the majority of the boys' living spaces.

The position of Master in College dates from around 1845 when the new buildings were finished. Prior to that the Headmaster was directly responsible for the Scholars.[1]

List of Masters in College[edit]