Master of the Rings

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Master of the Rings
Studio album by Helloween
Released 8 July 1994
Recorded 1994 at Chateau du Pape, Hamburg, Germany
Genre Power metal
Length 50:12 (w/o bonus tracks)
1:24:49 (w/ bonus tracks)
Label Castle Communications
Producer Tommy Hansen and Helloween
Helloween chronology
Master of the Rings
The Time of the Oath
Singles from Master of the Rings
  1. "Mr. Ego"
    Released: 22 July 1994
  2. "Where the Rain Grows"
    Released: 3 August 1994
  3. "Perfect Gentleman"
    Released: 28 September 1994
  4. "Sole Survivor"
    Released: 5 October 1995
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars [1]

Master of the Rings is the sixth studio album by German power metal band Helloween, released in 1994.[2][3] It is the first to feature new members Andi Deris and Uli Kusch.

This album is known as a turning point in Helloween's career, as it marks the band's return to their power metal roots after a commercial failure in their previous album, the progressive rock and pop-influenced Chameleon.

This album contains four singles, which are "Where The Rain Grows", "Mr. Ego (Take Me Down)", "Perfect Gentleman", and "Sole Survivor", with corresponding videos for the first three. "Mr. Ego" was dedicated to the band's former singer, Michael Kiske, and was released as an EP in Europe.

The song "The Game Is On" discusses addiction to video games, includes a sample from the game Tetris.

Helloween and vocalist Michael Kiske had reached the end of the road during the touring of 1993's "Chameleon". The dismissal shocked the heavy metal community. Michael Kiske's replacement was Andi Deris, formerly with Pink Cream 69.

After an alcohol and drug-related incident in Japan, drummer and co-founder of the band Ingo Schwichtenberg was deputized first by the session-drummer Richie Abdel-Nabi, then on a more permanent basis by former Gamma Ray drummer Uli Kusch.[4]

After two highly controversial studios projects and a live album, Helloween parted company with EMI records, aligning themselves with the more modestly sized Raw Power (an imprint of Castle Communications). Nevertheless, the effect of Deris and Kusch was to re-energize their collective fortunes. In Japan, "Master of The Rings" debuted at the top international album chart selling more than 120,000 copies.[5]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Irritation (Weik Editude 112 In C)"   Weikath 1:14
2. "Sole Survivor"   Deris/Weikath 4:33
3. "Where the Rain Grows"   Deris/Weikath 4:47
4. "Why?"   Deris 4:11
5. "Mr. Ego (Take Me Down)"   Grapow 7:02
6. "Perfect Gentleman"   Deris/Weikath 3:53
7. "The Game Is On"   Weikath 4:40
8. "Secret Alibi"   Weikath 5:49
9. "Take Me Home"   Grapow 4:25
10. "In the Middle of a Heartbeat"   Deris/Weikath 4:30
11. "Still We Go"   Grapow 5:09
Japanese Version Bonus Track
No. Title Writer(s) Length
12. "Can't Fight Your Desire"   Deris 3:45
13. "Grapowski's Malmsuite 1001 (In D Doll)"   Grapow 6:33

Expanded Edition (disc 2) Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Can't Fight Your Desire"   Deris 3:45
2. "Star Invasion"   Deris/Weikath 4:47
3. "Cold Sweat"   Phil Lynott/John Sykes 3:46
4. "Silicon Dreams"   Grosskopf 4:10
5. "Grapowski's Malmsuite 1001 (In D Doll)"   Grapow 6:33
6. "I Stole Your Love"   Paul Stanley 3:23
7. "Closer to Home"   Mark Farner 8:13





Chart (1994) Peak
Japanese Albums Chart[6][not in citation given] 6
Swiss Albums Chart[7] 22
German Albums Chart[8] 23
Swedish Albums Chart[9] 26
Austrian Albums Chart[10] 34


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