Mató de Pedralbes

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Mató de Pedralbes
Alternative names Mató de monja
Type Custard
Place of origin Spain
Region or state Catalonia
Main ingredients milk
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Mató de Pedralbes (Catalan pronunciation: [məˈto ðə pəˈðɾaɫβəs]) or mató de monja, is a typical dessert from Barcelona (in Catalonia, Spain)[1] made with flavoured and sweetened milk. The dish is believed to have been created in the nineteenth century, in Barcelona's prestigious Pedralbes neighbourhood.[2] It was intended as a richer, finer alternative to the older and popular crema catalana. Despite its name, this dessert bears no relationship to Catalan mató cheese, as mató ('curd' in Catalan) here refers to the shape and texture of this dessert taken out of the mould.

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