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Match grade ammunition

Match grade frequently refers to firearm parts and ammunition that are suitable for a competitive match. Sometimes, it also refers to other devices and parts that are made with high precision in mind.

In firearms, the term is used to refer to ammunition and gun parts that are designed and manufactured in such a way that they have a relatively narrow tolerance and high level of accuracy. In addition to its use in shooting sports, match grade equipment is often employed by military and law enforcement sharpshooters.

Manufacturing match grade ammunition and other parts requires extremely tight tolerances and quality control. It is not unusual for match-grade ammo and parts to cost ten times more than comparable non "match" equivalents, owing both to the increased labor expended in creation and much more rigorous testing. Match grade ammunition is often subjected to higher randomized testing to increase the statistical likelihood of detecting a dud round. Match grade components are often selected by testing the performance of multiple, identically configured firearms and then eliminating those that don't perform to expectation.

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