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Mate Recordings is a British-Finnish record label from Manchester, UK, which was initiated by Finnish ex-pat Teemu Metsälä. Until recently most releases on Mate Recordings were by Roger®, but the label's 2004 "England vs. Finland" compilation album Music is Better Volume One (Manchester vs Helsinki) features also such British and Finnish artists as Alcohell, A Maze, A.N.I.M.A.L., Boys of Scandinavia, Kompleksi, Nu Science and The Science Block. Mate exists to celebrate the irregular and international underground modern movements in music and electronic arts.


  • Mate 001: Roger®: Laying In the Sun (CD, 2000)
  • Mate 002: Roger®: Never Been In a Riot EP (CD, 2001)
  • Mate 003: Roger®: Let Me Go, Rock and Roll EP (CD, 2001)
  • Mate 004: Roger®: Let the Radio Play I Love You EP (CD, 2002)
  • Mate 005: Roger®: Give Me Love Or a Brand New Car (12", 2003)
  • Mate 006: Various artists: Music is Better Volume One (Manchester vs Helsinki) (CD, 2004)
  • Mate 007: Roger® & Boys Of Scandinavia: Double A-side (7", 2005)
  • Mate 008: Roger®: Kids and Thieves (12", 2006)
  • Mate 009: Boys of Scandinavia: Why Do You Love Me (7", 2006)

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