Materia Magica

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Materia Magica
Materia Magica logo.gif
Developer(s) Ingenii Interactive
Publisher(s) Ingenii Interactive
Engine ROM
Platform(s) OS Independent
Release date(s) 1996
Genre(s) MUD
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Materia Magica (sometimes referenced as MM), originally named Moongate, is a well-known[1] custom codebase MUD published by Ingenii Interactive that has been in operation since 1996.[2] In 1996, Moongate diverged from a ROM, Nevermore.[3] Its popularity during peak playing hours can reach over 90 simultaneously connected players.[citation needed]


The fantasy world of Materia Magica, Alyria, consists of four major continents, a massive underground area called the Great Alyrian Underground, and the Faerie Plane, an ethereal zone. The overall theme is medieval fantasy wherein different races live in strife and bloodlust is commonplace.

Materia Magica is a text-based game based on the principle of endless killing and leveling up. The game does provide roleplay and non-combat elements,[4] such as a ship combat system and roleplaying enhancements, helping to expand the game's content beyond the typical hack and slash classification.[citation needed]


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