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Materialism may refer to:

  • Materialism — the view that the universe consists only of organized matter and energy
  • Economic materialism the desire to accumulate material goods
  • Christian materialism a branch of Christianity, in which the soul is seen as consisting only of organized matter and energy
  • Cultural materialism (anthropology), an anthropological research orientation first introduced by Marvin Harris
  • Cultural materialism (cultural studies), a movement in literary theory and cultural studies originating with left-wing literary critic Raymond Williams
  • Historical materialism, a theory of socioeconomic development most commonly associated with Marxism, where changes in material conditions (technology and productive capacity) are the primary influences on how human society is organized
  • Dialectical materialism, a strand of Marxism which proposes that every economic order develops internal contradictions and weaknesses that contribute to its systemic decay
  • Spiritual materialism, a misuse of spiritual practice which seeks to subvert spiritual experiences to inflate the sense of self or egohood (a term coined by Chögyam Trungpa).