Mathematical Sciences Foundation

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Mathematical Sciences Foundation
Established 2003
Type Research Institution, Educational Institution
Director Professor Dinesh Singh
Location Delhi, India

Mathematical Sciences Foundation (MSF) is an institute of education and research, located in Delhi, India. Its goal is the promotion of mathematics and its applications at all levels, from school to college to research.

Educational programmes[edit]


  • Mathematical Finance: A hands-on introduction to modern Finance and the role of mathematics in it.
  • Mathematical Simulation with IT: Explores the interaction between Mathematics, Technology, and Education.


In association with the University of Houston, leading to PhD's in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics. Students are trained at MSF for a year before heading to Houston.

Seminars and conferences[edit]


  • MSF Challenge: An annual contest, first held in 2006, to encourage school students to use computers for mathematical problem solving.

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