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Mathias Vestergaard is a photographer, writer, entrepreneur, and founder of daily Danish Streetstyle blog GadeMode. The nature of Vestergaards multiple creative project are reflected in the broad range of topics on which he has delivered speeches. These have include photography, business, digital evolutions and social branding, among other things.[1][2]


In his early years as a street style photographer, Vestergaard walked the streets of Århus, New York, Paris, Copenhagen and wherever else he would travel, photographing people he saw and met on the street. Vestergaard selects subjects whose style he finds inspirational, interesting or noticeable.[3] The resulting images would then be posted on his blog, which at the time was maintained by Vestergaard himself along with co-founder Helle Rohde Andersen.[4] In his photography, Vestergaard focusses on style, wearability and recognisability, the three cornerstones of street style photography blogging. Danish newspaper Politiken has described the strategies implemented by Vestergaard as a streetstyle photographer and the general importance of documenting the ´style-landscape´ of the two largest cities in his native Denmark - Århus and Copenhagen.[5] Major Danish department store Magasin has emphasized the contribution of Vestergaard's work, through the GadeMode blog, to Danish lifestyle publishing.[6]

Vestergaard's photography has appeared in style and beauty sections of several lifestyle and fashion publications, as well as the in press coverage of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Other projects[edit]

Along with his activities as a photographer, Vestergaard works in IT, graphic and website design, as well as academic publishing. A book on ´Fashion Theory´ is currently planned for release. Though holding a master degree in information studies, Vestergaard can be considered an autodidact in most areas, and has from an early age urged for professional independence.[7]

Books published with photos by Mathias Vestergaard[edit]


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