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Mati may refer to:

  • Mati Alaver (born 1954), Estonian cross-country skiing coach
  • Mati Hint (born 1937), Estonian linguist, social scientist and politician
  • Mati Kaal (born 1946), Estonian zoologist and animal ecologist
  • Mati Karmin (born 1959), Estonian sculptor
  • Mati Klarwein (1932–2002), German painter
  • Mati Kuulberg (1947–2001), Estonian violinist, composer and pedagogue
  • Mati Laur (born 1955), Estonian historian
  • Mati Lember (born 1985), Estonian football player
  • Mati Nuude (1941–2001), Estonian singer and weightlifter
  • Mati Pari (born 1974), Estonian football player
  • Mati Shemoelof (born 1972), Israeli poet, editor, journalist and activist
  • Mati Sirkel (born 1949), Estonian translator
  • Mati Talvik (born 1942), Estonian television journalist
  • Mati Unt (1944–2005), Estonian writer, essayist and theatre director
  • Ma-Ti, character from the Captain Planet and the Planeteers TV series
  • A major janya in Filianic angelology.

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