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To be distinguished from Matrix Partners.
Matrix Chambers Ltd
Matrix Chambers Logo.jpg
Headquarters Griffin Building, Gray's Inn, London, WC1R 5LN
No. of lawyers 69 practitioners
Major practice areas General practice
Date founded 2000 (London)
Company type Ltd

Matrix Chambers is a barristers’ set situated at Gray’s Inn, London. It was founded in April 2000 by 22 barristers from 7 different chambers.[1]


Matrix was founded shortly before the implementation of the Human Rights Act in October 2000. It caused mild controversy when it was leaked that "a new chambers was being set up with many of the leading and most high-profile barristers in the area of human rights - who had all been headhunted".[2] It was the first concrete spin-off to come from the new legislation and broke new ground in being a specialist set, focusing on criminal law, constitutional law and human rights, with an international perspective.

Members include: Cherie Booth QC, Daniel Brennan, Baron Brennan QC, James Crawford (jurist) SC, Ben Emmerson QC, Conor Gearty, Sir Ken Macdonald QC, Baron Macdonald of River Glaven, Clare Montgomery QC, Tim Owen QC, Philippe Sands QC, Hugh Tomlinson QC.

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