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Matt Holt
Genres Heavy metal, alternative metal
Associated acts Nothingface

Matt Holt is the former vocalist of Nothingface, and Kingdom of Snakes.


Matt was raised in the suburbs of Gaithersburg, MD and Germantown, MD north of Washington, D.C. During high school he met Tommy Sickles through mutual friends. Matt, Tommy, and two other friends merged to form a band known as "Ingredient 17", where he played guitar and was the vocalist. After playing a show with a band known as Nothingface, the two bands became familiar with one another.

Ingredient 17 was later recording in Nothingface bassist Bill Gaal's studio when Nothingface's vocalist, David Gabbard, left the band citing musical differences. One day Matt came in to record a song for Ingredient 17, and the band members of Nothingface liked his voice, so they "took" him from his band and got their new singer, Matt, says Tom Maxwell from the forums.

After releasing four studio albums (Pacifier, An Audio Guide to Everyday Atrocity, Violence, and Skeletons), Nothingface disbanded on February 10, 2004.[1] Shortly after, Matt joined a band called "Kingdom of Snakes", formed by Bill Gaal, former bass player of Nothingface. Matt later left the band to pursue other interests.

In December 2005, Nothingface released new music on their website, which revealed three members of the band (Matt, Tom Maxwell, Tommy Sickles) had been reunited secretly for a while.[2] Joined by Danzig's bass player, Jerry Montano (who played with the band for a while in 2000 after Bill Gaal temporarily left the band), Nothingface began preparing a fifth studio album.

On May 24, 2008, it was announced through as well as the band's Myspace page that original members Bill Gaal and Chris Houck (percussion) have rejoined Nothingface. Two days later they released Nothingface in remastered form (released in vinyl at first, the digital download for the entire album came later on April 30, 2009) This was their very first effort before Pacifier.

Matt's main hobbies are self-described as smoking weed, playing video games, paintball, and music.

In February 2009, Nothingface reunited in a studio in Baltimore, Maryland. Over the course of a few weeks, they recorded instrumentals for 3 new songs. A few months later in July, Matt entered the studio to lay down vocals for one of the new tracks.

On August 13, 2009 Tom Maxwell announced he was leaving Nothingface and stated that Mr. Holt had not produced material. Hours later Bill Gaal confirmed that the group had split up.


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