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Matt Jones is the co-author - with Gary Marsden - of Mobile Interaction Design (ISBN 0-470-09089-8 ) and a full research Professor at Swansea University. He is an active researcher and organizer of scientific conferences such as ACM CHI 2014 and has edited several special issues of journals including an ACM ToCHI journal special issue on social issues and the "turn to the wild" (forthcoming).

His work has included studies and prototypes for mobile search and browsing; pedestrian navigation; and multi-modality. Since the early 2000s he has been actively pursuing a mobile research agenda focused on interfaces and interactions for "developing world" users, looking at how to address issues around lower computer and textual literacy and resource access.

He has worked with several industry partners such as Microsoft Research, Reuters and Orange. He has spent time as Visiting Fellow at Nokia Research, Finland. He is also on the Scientific Advisory Board of Nokia Research (Tampere and Helsinki Labs). In 2010 he was awarded an IBM Faculty Award to work with the Spoken Web group in IBM Research India (Delhi).

Since March 2011 he has been Head of the Department of Computer Science at Swansea University.

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