Matt Malloy

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Matt Malloy
Born Sunday, January 12, 1963
Hamilton, New York[1]

Matt Malloy is an American character actor. He has had numerous roles in both film and TV often portraying the beleaguered everyman. Malloy's only starring role to date was alongside Aaron Eckhart in the critically acclaimed black comedy, In the Company of Men. Most of his work has been on TV.

He first appeared as Deke Conners an East Village filmmaker in the high-profile TV series Tanner '88. He also notably guest-starred on 6 episodes of Six Feet Under in 2004 and 2005, and co-starred in the film The Stepford Wives with Nicole Kidman. He is also known for his one-shot role as Dr. Griffiths on Charmed, in an episode where one of the protagonists was killed.

Malloy has contributed voice work for several episodes of the long-running WBEZ radio program, This American Life.

In That Guy... Who Was in That Thing he states that the success of his uncle Henry Gibson helped him believe that acting could be a viable career for him.


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